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Zara’s Nikah update Sunday 11 April 2021 On Zee world

Zara's Nikah update Sunday 11 April 2021 On Zee world
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Zara’s Nikah 11 April 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Sunday 11th April 2021, Zara is in the decorated room, waiting for Kabir to come in. Ruksaar and Zeenat see her pregnancy report hanging from the flowers on the roof. She whispers that this will destroy their lives. Kabir enters the room and recalls how Zara said that she knows what she wants from him. He is nervous and starts moving towards her. He sits beside her and sees her in veil. Zara says don’t be so nervous, I am not asking for something big so do the ritual.

Kabir lifts her veil and says what gift do you need? Zara says last time we had some pain and distance, I want this time to be different, that we promise to not hide anything from each other, don’t let secrets take us apart. I just want that. Kabir is tensed and recalls Ruksaar’s words that she will kill the baby. Zara says I promise to not hide anything from you which will break us. Kabir looks away and says where is my phone.. Zara pulls him back and says promise me. Kabir holds her hand and says I promise to not hide anything between us. Zara says thank you and hugs him tightly. Kabir is tensed. The report falls from the rood and on Zara’s dupatta but she doesn’t notice it. Kabir and Zara smile at each other. Kabir kisses her forehead and starts taking off her jewelry. Aap Humari jaan bangaye plays. They both lie down on bed but Kabir gets a call from a police officer. The officer says we have got to know that Sartaj was in the city so be careful. Kabir says if Sartaj comes in front of me this time then I won’t spare him, he ends the call. Kabir says I will go and check the doors. Zara hugs him and says be with me. Kabir smiles and sees Ruksaar’s pregnancy report lying on the floor. He is stunned and makes Zara sit on the bed. He says I lost my watch, he bends down and picks up the report. He says I am coming in a bit. He leaves from there.

Sartaj calls Ruksaar and says I am at Kabir’s house. Ruksaar says Kabir has put security on the gate, don’t do anything stupid, I have planned something. Sartaj says I am dressed as a delivery guy and I won’t let Zara go so easily so do as I say. Kabir knocks on her door. Ruksaar says what if Kabir knows that Sartaj is outside the house? She turns off her phone in case. She opens to the door and sees Kabir holding the report, he says I told you to not let Zara know about your pregnancy then how did that form reach that? Ruksaar says I don’t know how it reached there. Kabir says I wanted to tell the truth to Zara but you don’t understand anything. He grabs her hand and drags her. Ruksaar says I am pregnant so don’t do anything. Kabir says only you will be punished. Zara comes out of her room and sees Kabir holding Ruksaar’s hand and taking her to terrace. Kabir puts Ruksaar in the terrace room and says you will be locked here whole night. Ruksaar says I will be scared here. Kabir says you keep doing same mistake, there are guards here so don’t worry, if you do this mistake again then I will throw you out of the house. He locks her in and leaves.

Sartaj sees security outside the house and hides. He tries to call Ruksaar but her phone is off. Kabir comes there and tells the guards to not let anyone in the house.

Zara’s Nikah update Sunday 11 April 2021: Kabir comes back to his room to see a tensed Zara. Kabir says I went to check the security. Zara says just that only? Kabir says I went to Ruksaar and took her to terrace. Zara says can I ask why you were with her? Kabir says to punish her as she was trying to misunderstanding between us as usual so I have locked her on terrace, there is nothing between Ruksaar and me. Just remember that Kabir is yours only till my last breath and even after that. Zara smiles and hugs him. Kabir says lets.. he lifts her and close the door.

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 11 April 2021: In the morning, Zara comes to Ruksaar’s room on the terrace and says let’s go downstairs. Ruksaar says you must be happy to see Kabir punishing me. Zara says you should think why Kabir had to do this. I am sorry for Kabir’s behavior, just stop hating me, I don’t have any bad feeling for you. I want to live peacefully here with everyone. Ruksaar says go away from here. Zara says you have tried everytime to hurt me but it never worked. She tells her that I have got all the happiness with Kabir so don’t try bothering breaking us up, I trust my love and Kabir completely. Ruksaar shouts to go away from there. Zara says fine, you have to control your life, she leaves from there. Ruksaar is angry when Zeenat comes there and hugs her. Zeenat says Kabir locked you here? Ruksaar says Sartaj is not fine, Kabir has made me an injured lioness, I promise to make this a last night for Kabir and Zara otherwise I will kill myself.

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