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Zara’s Nikah 13 December 2020: Zara’s Nikah Sunday update 13th December 2020, In morning, Ayesha says I will drop Aman, Zeenat you can go to Ruksaar. Kabir comes there and asks what happened to her? Kashan tells him how Ruksaar was ill and Zara took her to her house. Kashan and Zeenat leaves. Ayesha prays for Ruksaar and Zara. She leaves. Kabir tells Shahbaz that I knew Ruksaar would play something, she will hurt Zara, I wont let her hurt Zara, I will throw Ruksaar out of her house. Shahbaz says think before you go there as then they will know you still care for Zara. Kabir says I will do something that would make Zara safe and for them to not doubt me.

Zara’s Nikah update Sunday 13 December 2020: Ruksaar wakes up. Zara says she will stay here for somedays and will be fine. Kabir comes there and says there is no need. He says to Ruksaar that you are my duty, you are my wife. Zara is hurt to hear it. Kabir says its my responsibility to take care of you, come here, let me check how you are? Ruksaar is confused but goes to him. Kabir puts his jacket on her and says I wont want my wife to have someone else’s pity so I am taking you home, I will take care of you. I am waiting outside. Kabir thinks I know it must be hurting Zara to hear me call Ruksaar my wife but this is the only way to keep Zara safe.

Zara takes Kabir’s jacket from Ruksaar and gives it to her, she says go Ruksaar, your husband is here to take you. Ruksaar looks at them and laughs, she says you both are same, you both cant forget each other, Kabir came here as he cares for Zara. Zara says dont bring me in this, you are his wife so you can go with him. Kabir says you heard her, lets go. Ruksaar says you were not trusting me and now you want to take me with you? answer me.. Kabir says enough, I dont trust you, I know if you stay here, you will hurt Zara and then people will talk that I couldnt handle my wife and hurt people whom I dont have relation with, you are still my wife and you still have relation with Ahmed family so come with me. Ruksaar says I am not going with you. Kabir says to Zara that you brought Ruksaar here, ask her to come with me. Zara says she is not your servant, if she doesnt want to go then she can stay here, I brought her here as guest. Kabir says this is Ruksaar, dont trust her. Kashan says enough, Ruksaar was ill and Zara brought her here, everybody is fine. Kabir says I am not leaving without Ruksaar. Ruksaar says only Zara deserves to go with you, I will not come with you. Irfan says enough.. dont take my daughter’s name with Kabir, he showed how much he cares for my daughter infront of all, you can stay here as much as you want but dont hurt my daughter and Kabir.. this is not your inlaws house that you can come here anytime and insult us. Ruksaar thinks I cant even take his side, what have you done Kabir? Zara calms Irfan down and says I will talk to Kabir and Ruksaar.

Zara talks to Kabir and Ruksaar. She says that my father got heart-attack so I dont want to give him more stress, Ruksaar I have already clarified that I have no interest in Kabir, I have moved on so why you both keep bringing me in your problems, I have changed my paths now you both can decide what you want with your relation. She looks away and is hurt. Kabir says you heard her, lets go with me. Ruksaar says I am ready to go with you but you kept a function for Zara so keep a small function for me, bring your family and take me from here. Kabir says okay, I will bring my family. He leaves.

Zara recalls Kabir’s words that he wants Ruksaar back and how Ruksaar requested a function.

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 13 December 2020: Kabir tells Shahbaz that Ruksaar used Zara to comeback in this house, I had to call Ruksaar my wife and partner infront of Zara. Shahbaz says you are doing this for Zara. Kabir says I didnt want to hurt you like this, why Ruksaar had to go there? I will not let Ruksaar succeed, no girl in this world can be my wife but Zara.

Azra says to Zara that I am so angry on Ruksaar, she came here and now used it to go back to Kabir. Zara says Kabir was insisting her, its not our problem now, I am going to market as Ahmed family is coming.

Ruksaar calls a priest and says Kabir came to meet you? He says yes. Ruksaar says thanks, I am coming to meet you. She ends call and says I will end this game which Kabir started.

Kabir is punching bag in anger. Ayesha comes there and asks him to stop it, I came here to ask.. Kabir says answer is yes, I am bringing Ruksaar here and you all will go with me. Ayesha says okay.. she is daughter in law so I will clean the room. You have locked your and Zara’s room for one year living in guest room, I will clean that room for Ruksaar. Kabir says no.. Ruksaar will live with me in guest room.

Zara looks at dupatta and her moments with Kabir. She is in tears. Sari baatain mujhe yad plays.
Kabir recalls his moments with Zara and comes outside their room.
Zara comes to Azra and asks what happened? Zara says I left some things at Kabir’s house, I should get them back, Ruksaar wont like some other woman’s things in her room now. She breakdowns, Azra hugs her and cries.

Kabir says Zara only you have right on this room, on me, on my soul.. I wont let Ruksaar succeed in her plan.

Scene 2
Zara’s Nikah 13 December 2020 written update: Ruksaar meets priest and says I want to talk to you about something. She tells him but he says I cant do it without telling Kabir. He gets Kabir’s call. Ruksaar pleads him to not tell Kabir, I need your help, please.. Priest takes Kabir’s call. Kabir asks if he did his work? Priest looks on.

Salma tells Irfan that Ruksaar succeeded in her plan and Zara is in pain again. Irfan says you want to send your daughter to Kabir? Salma says never after that insult. Irfan says then it doesnt matter if Ruksaar goes to Kabir, Zara wants to show she doesnt care if Ruksaar goes back to Kabir. Salma says our daughter is very nice, Kabir and Ruksaar will become one but our daughter will be alone, she will be lonely in life, I dont understand your big talks but I want a good proposal for her, she will breakdown alone. Irfan hugs her and says find a good proposal for Zara. I am with you.

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 13 December 2020 update: Kabir’s family comes to Zara’s house. Zara and everyone greet them. Ayesha says dont know what to say. Zara says its okay, lets sit. Kabir says there is no need for formalities. Shahbaz says we are here for our daughter in law Ruksaar. Ruksaar comes there dressed as bride. Ruksaar says to Zara that I was lost last 2 years, you took me to your house and everyone cared for me and today Kabir is here to take me, it all happened because of you, I cant thank you enough. She hugs her. Kabir comes forward and offers his hand. Zara is about to extend her hand but stops. Ruksaar holds Kabir’s hand. He starts leaving with her. Zara is hurt and sad… it all turns out to be Zara’s dream. Shahbaz says call Ruksaar. Zara says she will come in sometime, have tea. Kabir says there is no need. Zara says you are our guest so let us serve you then you can take your wife. All look on.

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