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Zara’s Nikah 13 September 2020: Update on Zara’s Nikah Sunday 13th September 2020, Ayesha tells Reema and Imran that they did good by locking Kabir and Zara in a room. She thinks they will talk and sort all issues out. Just then Zara enters and is shocked to know Ayesha was also involved in that. She tells Ayesha that she can understand her, but she should also realize what’s going on her right now. She goes to her room. Kabir follows and locks the room. He tells Zara that him and Ruksar spent a night together, but not as a husband and wife. She grabs his hand and takes him to living room. Family wonders what’s going on. Zara asks Kabir to keep his hand on Quran and say nothing happened that night. He was going to do that when Ruksar comes and asks why use Quran for such small matters. Just like her, she is also Kabir’s wife. They don’t need to justify whether and how many nights they spent together. Zara says she is not asking her, she is asking her husband which is her right. She asks Kabir to say it. He was going to do that, but this time Ayesha interrupts. She takes Quran and asks Imran to put it back. She says no one will say anything, no one will hear anything. Kabir married Ruksar to save her life. Now there is no reason to keep their marriage alive. She asks Kabir to give divorce to Ruksar and end this matter once and for all. Kabir says Islam doesn’t allow to give divorce without any reason. Ruksar hasn’t given him any such reason. She tells him that he knows more Islam than her, so he will be the one to find a way to give divorce to Ruksar. Until that doesn’t happen, she won’t eat anything. She leaves. Kabir asks Zara to listen, but she too leaves. Ruksar cries. Zeenat feels sorry for her.

In room, Ruksar tells Zeenat that she was taking this family’s side. Now what happened? Ayesha didn’t even think once before telling Kabir to divorce her. Where will she go? What wrong she did if she loved Kabir. They are married and she is his wife now. She further tells Zeenat that she meant everything for her and now even she doesn’t care about her. Zeenat says it’s not like that. She is thankful to Kabir and Zara not because they saved her (Zeenat’s) life, but she is thankful because they saved Ruksar’s life. No matter what, she’s always on her side, but she can’t create enmity with everyone. Her life is on critical stage and she needs to keep her patience. Ruksar say she can’t do anything after this divorce. Zeenat says she will tell her what to do. Ruksar is happy.

Later, Ruksar goes to Ahmad and asks him to support her as always. He had promised her that he will get her married to Kabir which he didn’t fulfill, but destiny got them married. Ahmad says it’s Ayesha’s decision and he can’t do anything in this. She better convinces her. After that, he will support her. She thinks she will create such situation that everyone will have to support her.

Kabir cooks for Ayesha and then tries to convince her to eat. She refuses. Kabir carries her and brings to the dining table. Zara also comes. They both offer food to Ayesha. She says until Kabir doesn’t give divorce to Ruksar, she won’t eat. Now Ruksar tries, but she fails too. Ruksar then asks Kabir to give her divorce right now. She says she can go anywhere, nothing will happen if she dies, but if anything happens to Ayesha, then this house will break. Qazi Irfan comes and praises Ruksar’s tactics. He asks her if she really wanted divorce, then why did she file complaint with the board? Ahmad gets angry for taking matter out of the house. He asks Irfan what’s written in the complaint. Irfan says in complaint she says that she doesn’t have any problem with Kabir, but his family is trying to make him divorce her wrongfully and she wants board to stop this. Ahmad asks Irfan what’s his opinion on this matter. Irfan says Kabir’s duty prevents him for giving divorce without any reason, but Ruksar can file for Khula/divorce and then Kabir will get a valid reason. Ayesha tells Ruksar that she just asked Kabir to give divorce, so now won’t she file for divorce? Zeenat interrupts and says stop it. Why are they all making mockery of her sister? Ruksar didn’t ask Kabir to marry her. Now when she doesn’t want divorce, then why are they forcing her? Ayesha says she must divorce Kabir. Zeenat says if that is what she wants, then instead of 1, there will be 2 divorces in that family. Ruksar’s divorce with Kabir and hers with Kashan as well. Everyone is shocked. Ayesha asks Kashan to make Zeenat understand. Kashan says Ruksar is not wrong. He is with Ruksar in this matter. It’s Kabir who has to make decision. Ifran says board will make decision on this tomorrow. Zeenat tells Irfan that he’s pressurizing Ruksar to divorce Kabir for Zara. She will wait and see what’s Lucknow’s Qazi decision tomorrow. Kashan takes Ruksar and Zeenat and leave from there.

Ruksar prepares to put forward her point. Other side, Irfan goes through Islam’s laws. Zara tries to make Ayesha eat. Kabir tries to win Zara.

Board meeting starts. Ruksar gives her marriage certificate. Qazi says this is duplicate. Ruksar says original one was torn apart by Zara. Ruksar then puts forward her side. She says Kabir is being pressurized by his family and Zara to divorce her. She is also afraid that she might stay Kabir’s wife just for the name. She wants equal rights. Qazi asks Kabir whether he agrees with what Ruksar said. Kabir says no one is pressurizing him and he is not someone who can come in any pressure. He married Ruksar just to save her life. He might not be able to give her divorce without any valid reason now, but he can never love her because he only loves Zara and will only love Zara. Qazi says board needs time to think on this matter. They will meet again tomorrow.

As they leave, press attacks Kabir and Zara with questions. Kabir takes Zara’s hand and tries to take her away. Ruksar comes in their way. She tells Zara that she has always gone against men giving divorce and supported women. Why is she not on her side today? Because it’s about her today? She asks her to tell press whom she will support. Kabir continues walking with Zara’s hand in his. Zara pulls her hand and walks ahead. Ruksar smiles.

Kabir is in his room, thinking for a solution. Rukar comes to tease him. She thanks him for saying he can’t give her divorce in board meeting. She won half of the battle by hearing that and other half she will win by her luck. Kabir shuts her up saying he has only loved 1 girl and will always love her and that’s Zara. He asks her to leave his room. While coming out of the room, she notices Zara passing from there. She yawns and says she is so tired and then touches her lips. Zara misunderstands and is disturbed. She goes to her and screams. Kabir comes there. She says she doesn’t want to see his face and asks him to go out. He says okay and asks why she was awake that late. She says he’s also awake. He says he couldn’t sleep. She says their reasons of staying up late are different and closes door. Sad song plays.

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