Zara’s Nikah update Sunday 18 April 2021 On Zee world


Zara’s Nikah 18 April 2021: Imran tells Zara that we are inviting you to become a sharia board member. Irfan asks Kabir. Kabir says I leave it to Zara. Zara says I thought to not go to a place where we have different thought process but we have to come out of that fear, my father says that we can have different thought process but we have a loving life, I want to accept this position. Kabir smiles and says I wanted you to come back to the sharia board, we focus on problems more and can find solutions together. Zara thanks him and smiles.

At the night time, Zara asks Kabir what he is thinking? Kabir says time is different now, I never thought you would become a sharia board member again. Zara thanks him and pass him a flying kiss. He says come closer. Zara says we will pass this and be loving at home. Kabir says it’s difficult. Zara says my life’s focus is your love, I will pass any test with you being with me but you have to cook for me a lot. Kabir smiles. Zara tells Kabir we will have a peaceful night.

Scene 2
Zara’s Nikah 18 April 2021: Ruksaar thinks to kill Shahbaz tonight once the servant leaves. The servant leaves and Ruksaar tries to attack Shahbaz but Zeenat stops her and says I knew you are a snake and will not change your antics so I am keeping an eye on Shahbaz, if you try to come near Shahbaz then I will send you to jail so get lost from here. Ruksaar starts leaving. Zara comes there and asks what she is doing outside Shahbaz’s room? Zeenat says I called her, I came to give milk to Shahbaz. I asked Ruksaar to bring the sugar. They leave. Zara thinks Ruksaar is up to something, I will have to find out.

Ruksaar promises herself that she is going to kill Shahbaz at any cost.

Kabir is working out in the morning. Zara says I can’t work out. Kabir pulls her and says you have to. Zara says I am sleepy. Kabir says you snored a lot last night. Zara says I am head priest’s wife and I will come to complain to him that my husband doesn’t take care of me. Kabir says you will become ill by the age of 50, you will scream for me get things. You have to be fit. He asks her to do sit-ups. Zara runs away.

Kabir and Zara are in a meeting. The members say we can have an app from where people can video call us and tell us their problems. Zara says we should give Kabir time to think about it.

Ruksaar comes to Zara’s room and takes the box from there.

Zara’s Nikah 18 April 2021 zee world: Kabir is going to the sharia board and calls Zara, she asks him to take care. Ruksaar hides from Zara. Zara goes to check on Shahbaz and doesn’t see Ruksaar.

Ruksaar throws a box from the terrace which has Zara’s musical instruments so she can’t treat Shahbaz. She hears Zara playing music and is shocked to see her with her instruments. Ruksaar opens the box that she got and finds bricks inside and no instrument. Zeenat tells Ruksaar you think you can stop Zara from treating Shahbaz? They trapped you like this, they know you don’t want Shahbaz to become fine, she leaves. Ruksaar says Zara can’t stop me.


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