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Zara’s Nikah 28 March 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Sunday 28th March 2021, Kabir calls Ruksaar. Ruksaar thinks if he knows that I was behind trying to kill Zara? Kabir says someone tried to kill Zara, who is behind that? She says I don’t know. Kabir grabs her and says Jalali must have done it, tell me he did it? Ruksaar thinks he didn’t doubt me? She says yes, he is so evil. Kabir says the priest likes you for this reason, he wants us to meet him and find a way to save our marriage. Ruksaar thinks Shahbaz must have asked him to talk to Kabir. Ruksaar says yes, I pleaded him. Kabir says he has requested so I can’t say no and I will have to go with you.

Kabir and Ruksaar are in the car to go and meet the priest. Ruksaar says I never thought I would be in a car with you. Kabir stops the car and asks Ruksaar to close her eyes, he has a surprise. She closes her eyes. Kabir comes out of the car and asks her to open the eyes. She does and sees snakes around the car. Ruksaar screams. Kabir calls her and says this is the place where your truck was trying to kill Zara. Can you see your death now? Ruksaar cries and says please take me out of here. Kabir says you don’t deserve to live. If you try to come out then I will roll down the windows and snakes will bite you. He calls Zara there.

Scene 2
Kabir calls Ruksaar who is in the car. Zara comes there. Kabir says Zara will decide if you should live or not. Ruksaar pleads Zara to save her. Zara says I can bring you out of this but I have a condition. Ruksaar says I agree with anything you want. Zara says why did you want to kill me? You made sharia board give a decision in your favor then why? Ruksaar says just bring me out of here and I will answer you. Zara nods to Kabir. The serpent comes there and takes the snakes away. Ruksaar comes out of the car and says I tried to kill Zara because of Kabir, I am his wife but he is never interested in me, why Kabir is always behind Zara? You are always worried for her, you both are playing a game to show that Kabir is looking for a guy but he will not find a guy and he will marry you in the end. I can’t see my husband behind another girl, I hate this word Zara, earlier also a Zara took my love away. Kabir says are you crazy Ruksaar? I don’t love this Zara, she might have feelings for me but you don’t have a right to kill anyone. Ruksaar says I know what you both are doing and what you are going to do. She leaves from there.

Kabir recalls Ruksaar’s words that he wants to marry Zara. He hears Ruksaar laughing at him. Ruksaar says you can’t see the truth? Kabir says she is a friend and I don’t love her, go away.. he sees it was just his imagination. He is about to fall down from the treadmill but Zara comes there and holds him. He says sorry. Zara says you have always said the truth so don’t worry. You worry for me but don’t think too much about me.

Ruksaar tells Zeenat that we can lie so much that it will become a truth, I will tell everyone that Kabir loves Zara and then he will stay away from her.

Zara tells Kabir that you are a pious man and you will never lie, we all know that this is my one-sided love. She leaves from there. Kabir looks on.

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