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Zara’s Nikah 18 March 2021: Zara’s Nikah Thursday update 18th March 2021, Irfan tells the people that I will take this forward. Jalali says Imran is Kabir’s friend so he will become the vice president. Imran says I am a priest and deserves it. Kabir says I have to be fair as a head priest. He tells Kamran that you gave up your seat to protect this sharia board so I give you your position back and I am making you a vice president. All are shocked.

Imran is embarrassed recalling how he confidently told Azara that Kabir will choose him only. Azra is angry to see that. Kabir asks Shahbaz to leave as he is not a part of sharia board. Shahbaz says I am here for a woman who wants justice. Ruksaar comes there and says Kabir has done injustice with me, he has cheated me, he didn’t give me a right of being his wife because he has another girl in his life and that is Zara, he loves Kabir. This Zara took my husband away. Kabir asks her to shut up. Ruksaar says tell them if you were ever there for me? You were never a good husband to me then how can you be just to these people? Jalali whispers to Kabir that I told you I will take your position from you. Ruksaar shows Kabir and Zara’s intimate pictures (when they pretended to be married), Kabir says these pictures were taken in a way which shows something that is not true. Jalali says then what’s your relationship with her? Zara is hurt to hear all that. Shahbaz asks him to promise on Quran. Zara cries.

Zara’s Nikah 18 March 2021: Irfan asks Kabir to defeat them by telling the truth. Kabir looks on. He puts his hand on Quran and says I don’t have a questionable relationship with Zara, I don’t love her. Zara is hurt. Ruksaar says you are lying, I am going to promise and will prove. She promises that Kabir never had an emotional or physical relationship with me. He destroyed my life. Jalali asks him to answer, why he did that with her? Ruksaar says that girl took him away. She sees Zara gone from there. Shahbaz says we will continue this tomorrow. Ruksaar says we will make her say the truth tomorrow. Kabir says my vice president will listen to this case against me. Shahbaz says because you chose him? Ruksaar says I want Jalali to hear my case. Irfan says this can’t happen as Jalali is against Kabir so he will not be just with him. Jalali says I have an option, Imran can be the judge of this case. Ruksaar says I agree. Imran says he might be my friend but I will be just and punish him if he is guilty. Kabir looks on.

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