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Zara’s Nikah 31 December 2020: Zara’s Nikah update thursday 31st December 2020, All offer namaz for eid. Kashan tells Shahbaz that Kabir is missing. Amaan shows Kabir coming there. Flashback shows how Kabir ranaway from goons and met some people. They helped him. Kabir meets Kashan and Shahbaz. Shahbaz asks how he got hurt? Kabir says someone our own did it but I will find out.

Kabir tells inspector that someone doesnt want Zara to become part of that fashion show thats why they kidnapped me. Inspector says we will find culprit soon, he leaves. Kabir asks Ayesha to not worry. Ayesha says people are cruel, how can they do it? Kabir says someone cheap can do it, they have no morals. Shahbaz looks on. Amaan asks him to tell a story. Kabir leaves with him. Ruksaar eyes Shahbaz.

Salma asks Zara what happened. Flashback shows how Zara took her name back from fashion show and then Kabir called her and told her to not take her name back from show. Zara says manager sent that email. Kabir says try again. Zara says okay. She talks to manager and asks him to put her name back. Kabir comes there. Zara runs to him and asks if he is fine? Kabir tells manager that its important for her to take part in show, please put her name back. Manager says I have already sent mail out so I cant do anything. He gets a call from head-office. Man says we havent got confirmation email. Manager checks and says email didnt go, God wants her to become part of this fashion show.

Zara and Kabir sits in car. Zara stops car and brings water for Kabir. He washes his face. She offers him tissue too. Ishara plays. He thanks her and starts leaving. They both turn to look at each other. He waves at her and leaves. Flashback ends. Salma and Azra hugs her.

Kabir tells a story to Amaan and tells him that my friend is close to God. Amaan says I want to meet your friend. Kabir says you will. Kabir brings Amaan to Irfan’s house. He wishes them Eid. Irfan hugs him. Nussu comes there and plays with amaan. Azra wishes eid to Kabir. Kabir sits with Irfan. Amaan tells Azra that a friend sacrificed everything for a friend so God didnt let that friend sacrifice. Zara comes there and greets Kabir. Nussu fights with Amaan. Zara says friendship is pure, you dont gain or lose anything, you are lucky to get a friend like him. Nussu nods and tells Amaan to play with her. Zara asks Kabir to sit. She says I am worried and tensed about show. Kabir says dont worry, everything will be fine. Zara shows her designs to him. Salma thinks dont know what this friendship means now.

Shahbaz tells Ruksaar that your plan and why did your goons beat Kabir? Flashback shows how Ruksaar told her goons to kill Kabir if he tries to run, she thought that Kabir has no charm anymore and if he dies then Shahbaz will be blamed. Flashback ends. Ruksaar says I told goons to not hurt him but they didnt listen. Shahbaz says plan failed, now what? Ruksaar says I will not let Zara participate in this contest at any cost.

Fashion show starts. Zara is worried about models. She calls agent. Agent says we cant come to your show, we got advance from other project, she ends call. Ruksaar smirks and gives money to agent.

Zara is worried. Kabir comes there and asks what happened? Manager asks Zara where are her models? Zara tells Kabir that my models are not coming. She says I dont know what to do, manager says this will be a loss for her, you cant arrange models in an hour. Kabir says give us some time. Manager says if Zara cant manage it in an hour then we will disqualify her. He leaves. Zara is sad and starts taking her things. Kabir says you trust God? I will try to arrange models, I am going, dont worry and dont lose hope, dont stop working. Zara thanks him. Kabir says this passion cant die at any cost, Zara nods. Kabir leaves

Irfan and Salma are ready. Salma says you are a city priest so its fine for you to go there? Irfan says I know my daughter wont do anything wrong.

Zara comes to some models and asks if they will become her models? Model says we need full payment in advance, can you do it? She smirks and leaves.

Kabir comes to Ambreen’s friend and tells her about model issue, she says I dont know anyone here. Ambreen comes there and bring her friends. She brings Sabina too.

Zara tries to convince Salma, Sabina and Ayesha to become her models. Flashback shows how Kabir called her and Zara told him about using her mothers.

Shahbaz says to Ruksaar that this fashion show cant happen, stop it at any cost.

Scene 2
Fhasion show starts, all young models come on ramp and showcase clothes.
Kabir comes back stage and see some extremists try to break things. He hides and plays police siren. Goons start leaving but they hear his phone ringing and try to beat him. Kabir locks them in room and thinks to keep thing under control.

Zara gets Ayesha, Salma and Sabina ready for show. They pray for success. Shahbaz and Ruksaar comes there too. Goons come to Irfan. Shahbaz smirks and says my men are here. Zara comes on stage and greet everyone, she says our religion allows us to work and also do extra-curricular activities, we can wear clothes that make us look good. Kabir smiles but sees goons near Irfan, he is worried.

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