Zara’s Nikah update Thursday 7 January 2021: Zara’s Nikah Thursday 7th January 2021, Kabir and Zara are in airport. She asks him to think about what is going to cook. Zara calls Irfan and hears some stone noise, she asks what happened? He says nothing. Salma takes phone and tells Zara about places where they can find recipes for Kabir, she thanks her and ends call. Irfan says its good we didnt tell her anything, a man comes there and says you are in trouble if you dont call Zara back.

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Zara and Kabir are joking around in hotel. A woman is keeping an eye on them. Kabir calls Kashan. Kashan recalls Ayesha asking him to not tell Kabir. Kabir asks about Ayesha, Kashan says she is sleeping, I will make you talk to her later, he ends call. Zeenat says you should have told him. Kashan says Ayesha’s dream is to see Kabir win, dont tell him anything. Ruksaar thinks not when I am here.

A mysterious woman talks to Zara and tells her way to hotel. She silently puts a thing in her bag and leaves. Woman calls her boss and says I have document’s pendrive in her bag, she will come to meet you tomorrow but that girl shouldnt know that we are using her.

Zara and Kabir are in a car and looking at Mumbai. They arrive at hotel, manager gives them one key for a room. Zara says we want separate rooms, manager says sorry, its not available.

Kabir and Zara come to their bedroom. Kabir finds his chef dress and says its beautiful. Zara wears his cap and says I dont like the way you are wearing it. Ruksaar is calling Kabir but he doesnt see it.
Ruksaar messages Kabir that his mother is in hospital. Kashan comes there and sees her messaging Kabir, he shouts at her what she is doing? I am his brother, I will tell him when time is right, he deletes message and leaves.

Kabir tells Zara that I like Mumbai’s rush. Zara says I like it here but my identity is about lucknow, chef’s gown looks good at you but you should wear a jeans and shirt with it. Kabir says no this kurta and shirt are my identity, I wear this only. Zara says I will get jeans and shirt for you tomorrow, I promise you will look good and it will be a new beginning for you. They try to high-five but stop.

In morning, Zara and Kabir comes to a store. Zara chooses shirt and jeans for him. She asks him to go and try. Kabir says but.. she says go. He goes. Zara waits for him and says hurry up. Kabir comes out of changing room in jeans-shirt. Zara is speechless.

Zara tells Kabir that they have to meet chef Banne for recipes but he wont tell easily. Zara says I am going somewhere. She leaves. Zara calls someone and says I am here, he tell her way to come.

Zara comes to meet Banne. She greets him and tells him that she is Irfan’s daughter, I wanted your ingredients. Banne says what? leave from here. Zara says my friend is taking part in competition, please he needs it. Banne says people dont respect my recipes, I am not giving it. Zara says whats the issue? Kabir will use your recipes and get it famous, he asks her to leave. Banne’s son hears it.

Kabir comes in competition. He waits for Zara.

Zara is leaving Banne’s house, his son comes there and says my father is a little difficult, we would be proud if our recipes are used on national level, she gives recipes to him. She calls Kabir and says I am coming. She calls man and says I cant come today. He says my sister was praising you a lot, please come for 5 minutes. Zara says okay. She comes to man’s house, his sister asks her to stay. Police comes there and says search this house. Zara is confused, they check Zara’s purse and finds pendrive inside. Zara says its not mine, police checks content of it and arrests Zara. Zara says its not mine, listen to me. Zara recalls how that girl met her at Airport. Zara thinks that I cant tell Kabir. She says I have to send this to Kabir, she sends recipes to Kabir but officer takes her phone.

Scene 2
Kabir gets ready as chef. He gets Zara’s recipes. Manager says we have to start competition, Kabir asks for sometime. He calls Zara but she doesnt pick up. Competition starts.

Zara tells officer that she didnt do anything. She thinks what will I do now?

Ruksaar comes to mosqu and asks a man to tell Shahbaz his wife is in hospital. He goes and tells him. Ruksaar thinks Kashan cant stop Shahbaz from telling Kabir.

Shahbaz comes to hospital. Kashan says I tried calling you. Shahbaz says you didnt tell Kabir? Kashan says Ayesha asked not to. Shahbaz says are you mad? He needs to be here.

Shahbaz calls Kabir but judge takes it. Shahbaz asks him to give it to Kabir. Kabir takes call. Shahbaz says your mother is very ill, she is in hospital, come here.

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