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Zara’s Nikah 1 September 2020: Update on Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 1st September 2020, Miraj beats Kabir and says to Zara that you have to tell me that you love me only then we will stop. Kabir says our love is not weak that it will bow to you. Zara says leave Kabir, put him down. Miraj brings injured Kabir down and says Zara I will show you a magic, he puts Kabir’s face in water and suffocates him. Miraj says say it fast, he doesnt have time. Zara cries and says I love you. Kabir is stunned. Zara says I love you Kabir. Miraj gets angry and puts his head in water again. Zara says day, night, every moment, Zara loves Kabir only, I will die but wont say I love you to anyone else, I love you Kabir. Miraj brings out Kabir from water, Kabir is lifeless and falls down. Zara is stunned.

Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 1 September 2020: Police is searching for Kabir in the area. Inspector asks to search he whole area. Shahbaz is with them and asks if they found anything? Inspector says we are searching. One girl is missing, her parents come too. Irfan comes there and says to Shahbaz and inspector that we got Zara and Kabir’s message and picture. Shahbaz is stunned and asks him to send on hus number, inspector asks to locate that number. Imran says I have sent it. Inspector leaves from there.

Zara says to Miraj that please do one favor on me, please leave me and let me go to my husband. Miraj asks Wasim to free Zara but you have to say I love you before coming here otherwise I will make your husband die in his unconscious state, he points gun at Kabir. Zara shouts Kabir I love you. Kabir wakes up and grabs Miraj. He takes gun and points at Miraj, he asks him to tell Wasim to free Zara. Wasim frees Zara. Kabir hits Miraj with gun and runs from there with Zara. Miraj and Wasim runs behind them. Kabir and Zara comes out of godown and they take bike and leave.

Shahbaz calls Hashami and says we got to know about Kabir and Zara, they are kidnapped at some place, Kabir sent us a photo of him and Zara and a voicenote. Hashami asks him to send those to him, he will ask his men to look around, Shahbaz says okay. Hashami smirks.

Kabir is driving fast, Zara hugs from behind and enjoys their ride, tere sang yara plays. Zara raise her dupatta and kisses Kabir’s face, she looks around and enjoys. They see a car coming towards them, Kabir tries to apply brakes but car hits them. Zara and Kabir falls down. Zara sees Kabir has fainted. She tries to wake him up, she looks around for help and asks him to open the eyes, she pleads for help. Hashami comes there. Zara is stunned to see him.

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday update 1 September 2020: Inspector hears Kabir’s voice that Miraj has kidnapped them and there is a mosque and railway station near it. Officer hears prayers voice in background and says I remember this person who gives daily prayers in mosque, there is a godown near it. Inspector says lets go there

Kabir and Zara are back in Miraj’s den. Miraj pours water on Kabir and wakes him up. Wasim has grabbed Zara. Zara asks if he is fine. Kabir murmurs Zara.. Miraj says see your Kabir is useless. Miraj takes out his gun and says I wont kill him so easily, he beats Kabir. Zara screams for him. Miraj says he has to see a lot. Kabir says how did we come back here? Hashami comes there and says I brought you here. Kabir is stunned to see him.

Inspector, Irfan and others come to godown. They dont find anyone there, Inspector says its right location, Irfan says where is Zara and Kabir then?

Zara’s Nikah 1 September 2020 update: In another godown, Kabir and Zara are tied on chairs. Miraj says to Hashami that people like you can make me meet my lover. He hugs Hashami. Some guards come there and point gun at Miraj and Hashami. Hashami is stunned to see Shahbaz coming there and it was his guards. Kabir and Zara are elated to see him but they are hidden behind boxes. Shahbaz says to Hashami that I have to thank you and Miraj, you both have done favors on me, you are shocked to see me here? I am Shahbaz Ahmed, runs business of crores, you think I sent you photo so you can help me to find my son? I have guts to find my son in death trap too but I knew of Hashami’s intentions and knew he would take me to my son so I sent my men behind you. Shahbaz asks Hashami where is his son? part of his heart, tell me where he is. Kabir tries to scream but his mouth has cloth in it. Shahbaz shouts at Hashami to tell him, he slaps him hard. Hashami says you didnt do right, you dont know who I am, I will burn whole city, this slap will be expansive for you. Miraj charges at him but Shahbaz glares at him and he stops, Shahbaz slaps Hashami non-stop and asks where is my son? Kabir is trying to free himself. Shahbaz says Kabir? He looks around. Hashami is tensed. Shahbaz hears some noise and goes behind boxes. He is stunned to see him tied there. He frees Kabir and hugs him. Kabir cries. Zafar comes there and points gun at Shahbaz, Hashami’s men surround Shahbaz’s men.

Zafar points gun at Shahbaz. Zafar’s men stop Shahbaz’s guards. Hashami grabs Shahbaz’s neck and says now I will take revenge for my insult, he asks Zafar to kill them all. Miraj says but what about Zara? Hashmi says sorry but she has to die too, you can find another Zara but we cant let people know of our insult if we leave Zara. Zafar is about to grab them but Kabir attacks him and takes gun from him. He asks Hashami and Miraj to back up. He hugs Shahbaz and asks if he is fine? Shahbaz says yes, great work. Kabir frees Zara and hugs her. He says to Miraj that I want to punish you badly but only Zara should be punishing for everything you did. He gives her iron rod and says tell him what happens when they try to attack women honor. Zara takes stick and starts beating Miraj, she recalls how he tortured her, how he blackmailed her, tried to molest her, how he beat Kabir so much, how he gave them so much pain. She beats him badly. Miraj falls down. Police arrives there. Kabir hugs Zara. Hashami and Miraj are arrested, Hashami glares at Shahbaz and Kabir and leaves with police. Kabir cups Zara’s face and smiles. They tightly hug each other.

In house, Ayesha and Salma hug each other. Salma says they must be coming. Shahbaz comes there. Ayesha runs to him and looks around. Irfan asks where is Zara? Ayesha says why are you silent? All turn to see Zara and Kabir entering house. All are elated. Salma hugs Zara and cries, Salma says you are fine right? Zara hugs Ayesha and meets everyone. Ayesha hugs Kabir. Zara sees Irfan praying, she runs to him. Irfan hugs her and cries. Irfan says daughter, I buried you with these hands, I never thought that I could bless you ever again, thank God. Zara says who was that unfortunate girl that you people buried? what about her parents? where are they? all look on.

zee world Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 1 September 2020: In police station, a parents are sitting there. Inspector says you cant keep sitting here for your missing daughter Nargis, we have given her photo everywhere, do you have any identity for her? Mother says Nargi had 20-25 knife marks on her back. Inspector looks on.

Ayesha brings flour and says to Kabir and Zara we will give it to charity on your name. She asks Kabir to touch it. Zeenat thinks that this priest doesnt believe in all this, he wont touch it. Zara says to Ayesha that Kabir doesnt believe in all this. Kabir takes Zara’s hands in his and touches flour, all are surprised. Ayesha is elated. Zara looks at Kabir, he glances at her and smiles. Kabir wipes Zara’s hands afterwards. Salma kisses their hands and says God keep your couple safe always. Ayesha asks Zeenat to send this flour and money to poor people. Ayesha asks Kabir and Zara to take rest. All leave. Zara is still in thoughts. Kabir says now I know, you are missing your smile, your hair flair, you are missing bike ride? She hugs him, Kabir says we can go another bike ride. Zara says you have given me happiness on our divorce day, can I ask for another happiness? Kabir says I can give my life for your happiness, tell me what you want? Zara says I saw Irfan’s hands shaking and realized how important they are, that girl’s parents dont even know about her death, I dont even know who they are, where they are, I want to find them so they can bury their daughter, respectfully do last rituals for her. Kabir says how we will find them? Zara says I dont know, you tell me. Kabir says dont worry, I will do something. He hugs her.

Scene 2
Zara and Kabir comes to police station. They thank inspector for support. Zara says once we know wo was the girl that was buried and where is her parents then we will be in peace. Officer says that the girl that was buried, her face was destroyed but she had 20-25 knife marks on her back. Inspector recalls how the parents of Nargis said same thing, he says I know her parents.

Zara’s Nikah 1 September 2020: Zara and Kabir comes to Saira, Nargis’s mother. Saira says you people know about my daughter? Zara says yes.. she.. She grabs Kabir’s hand for support. Kabir says we are sorry but your daughter is not in this world anymore, parents are stunned and cries. Zara says please understand, we cant do anything, pleace do last rituals for your daughter.

Nargis’s parents does last rituals of her and bury her. Kabir and Zara are there too. Nargis’s father thanks them for their support, he hears prayers and says I pray that you both remain a powerful couple like this always, Saira says we pray that you both remain together and be a support for each other in everything, they leave. Kabir smiles and holds Zara’s hand, they start leaving.

Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 1st September 2020: Zara and Kabir comes home and sees it completely decorated with flowers and lights. They look around. Suddenly rose petals fall on them. Zara smiles and blows on them. Kabir glares at her and says are you making fun of me? did you do it? Zara says I didnt do it, you did it right? you know I like rose petals. Kabir says I was with you, I didnt do it. They look around and sees Alina showering roses on them. Alina hugs Kabir, Kabir says when did you return from your friend’s wedding? she says today. Kabir says who decorated all this? Reema and Imran comes there and says we did it. Ayesha comes there and says I asked them to do all this, its a big celebration and I want to give sweets to everyone. Shahbaz and others come there, Shahbaz asks whats the good news? Imran says Zara has been proven innocent. Reema says they got real CCTV footage and they saw that Miraj gave poison to Nilofar not Zara. All are elated. Kabir have sigh of relief. Ayesha says to Kabir that you both should start a new life now, Zara has been proven as innocent in time so you both dont have second divorce. Zeenat comes there and says their second divorce has been done. Shahbaz smirks. All look on.

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