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Zara’s Nikah 10 November 2020: Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 10th November 2020, Kabir checks news and people are divided in favor of Zara and Kabir. Shahbaz says I dont know why peace of this house keep getting destroyed.

Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 10 November 2020: Kabir says to Zara that you have a habit of bringing media in cases, I promised Bilal that I would keep it hidden. Zara says I didnt bring any media there. Rizwan calls Kabir and says case was written on sharia board’s website, someone must have mistakenly uploaded it. Kabir is tensed.

Zara and Kabir comes to sharia board. Media asks Zara how she will fight against Kabir?Zara says its not a fight between me and Kabir, case is in sharia board. Kabir says she is right. Rizwan smirks hearing all that.

Zara and Kabir argue over case. Kabir says you are doing a mistake. Zara says I am fighting for women. Rizwan records their fight. Kabir says she is working in an office where other men work. Zara says what about her dreams? her husband doesnt fulfill her wishes. Kabir says humans always have a wish, Bilal works hard. Zara says woman have no right to dream? if he has a problem then he can fulfill it. Kabir says she is working for her dreams, she is working as personal secretary, she is just giving fees for kids but Bilal is earning for food and everything else, you do think that she has to work? Kabir sees someone recording but man runs away.

Media runs Kabir and Zara arguing on road. Shahbaz scolds them and says you both were fighting on road. Kabir says sorry.

Rizwan says to Suraiya that now Kabir and Zara will fight more on this case. He sees news which says that even women are agreeing with Kabir’s thoughts. Rizwan looks on.

Zara opens TV and shows him people saying that Kabir is right, and they want justice for Bilal. Kabir smiles. Zara thinks that now people wont think bad about Kabir, hope Kausar gets justice too.

Suraiya says to Rizwan that you have to become head priest. Rizwan says I will take that seat.

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 10 November 2020: Kabir and Zara are in car. They see some people. They knock on car door. Zara asks him to not get down but people congratulate Kabir. They ask them to come down. Kabir and Zara sits with them. They serve them tea. A man hums a qawali. Zara teases Kabir. He smiles. All clap. Zara says you sang nicely. One woman says that some women take advantage of men too. You both have different thoughts but you are sitting calmly with each other. Kabir says we have different thoughts but we respect each other, my wife is talented and I am lucky to have her. Zara smiles.

Zara asks Kabir if he truly said that? Kabir says I had to.. Zara glares at him. Kabir says I am joking. He sees some men infront of car and gets down. Some people start beating Kabir. Rizwan sees all this and says Kabir wont get respect till I am here. Zara runs to Kabir.

Kabir beat goons. Police comes there so goons runaway. All gather around Kabir. Zara asks if he is fine? Kabir says yes. People praise Kabir for fighting. Kabir says God likes people to be physically active, you all should exercise too. Woman tries to shake his hand but Kabir shakes her hand and washes his hand. He says God doesnt want us to touch other women.

Rizwan says to Kabir that Bilal’s enemies must have attacked you, I would suggest you to leave his case. Kabir says no, police is finding them, I wont leave this case. Principal calls Kabir and says we heard about Bilal’s case, his kids study here so we are going to free their education. Kabir thanks them. Bilal and Kausar comes there. Kabir tells them about free school for their kids. Bilal says I dont want charity for my kids. Kausar says our kids are not orphans, they leave.

Kabir talks to family. Kabir says he is respected man so he wont take charity. Zeenat thinks that they cant know about truth. Zara says Kausar is not wrong here. Rizwan says Zara have to be a good wife and move back from this case. Zara says I wont leave this case, its about women of society. Shahbaz says women should be a role model, you might get rights for women but you might lose title of a good wife and it would affect Kabir too so you have to take right decision. Zara looks on.

Zara’s Nikah 10 November 2020 update: Kabir and Zara are in car. Irfan calls Zara, she puts it on speaker. Irfan says board wants to solve this case soon, Kabir says whats your suggestion? Irfan says people are talking about it, its a national case and they are taking Kausar’s side so they want me to take lead, I am going to do meeting at my house. Kabir says yes.

Kabir calls Rizwan and tells him about meeting at Irfan’s house. Rizwan says why? Kabir says he is senior, I said yes, he ends call. Rizwan says they wont give me peace.

Scene 2
Ayesha calls Zara and Kabir for breakfast. Kabir says this small case has brought storm in society, I am just thinking what if you forget that you are my wife too. Zara says that wont happen. Kabir says I know, dont be too stressed.

Kabir and Zara comes to sharia board. Kabir strikes with door. Zara recalls how it happened when they met first time. Zara smiles. Inside board, case starts. Zara says Bilal made Kausar helpless and she had to work in office. She worked in parlour where there were women only but Bilal threatened them and they are scared to give statement here. Rizwan says Bilala is a hardworker, he doesnt have money to pay for his kids. Zara says he gives charity, he has money but he doesnt have money to give for his kids? Kabir says Zara is right. Bilal says Kausar wants to work outside of hosue so she can remain close to her boss. Kabir says its a sin to put allegation like this on your wife, do you have any proof? Bilal says I have proof, I just need sometime to bring all proofs here. Zara recalls how Kabir told her about Kashan and Kausar’s relation.

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