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Zara’s Nikah 13 October 2020: Update on Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 13th October 2020, Zeenat is calling guests. She tells Shahbaz that Phupho will bring Aazar. Shahbaz asks Kashan to prepare project papers such a way that he will agree.

Alina comes to Zara and asks what will you do when your money ends? job? Zara says no then my problems will end but I want him to realize his duty. Ruksaar comes there and says I want to celebrate my anniversary too. Ruksaar comes there and sees money in Zara’s hands, she takes it but slips and it falls down in water drum, Zara is stunned.

Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 13 October 2020: Kashan says to Zeenat that I want to gift pilgrimage tickets to parents on anniversary from my and Kabir’s side. Zeenat says only you are gifting, Kabir doesnt earn to pay. Kabir comes there and hears it. Zeenat tells him about gift, Kabir says its good, I will gift something normal.

Ayesha comes to Kabir and says I got this suit for Zara, she listens to you now so you can give this to her. Kabir says I wont. Alina comes there and tells about Zara’s money.

Kabir comes to Zara’s house and sees all her money wet, Ruksaar says I am sorry, she doesnt have money and I put these in water. Ayesha comes there. Kabir brings iron and dries her notes. He shows her one clean note, she smiles. Ayesha gifts Zara and says this is from a mother, dont go to Monday market, its about my respect. Zara says thanks, I am doing all this for your respect, I will make your anniversary special. Ayesha smiles. Zara says to Kabir that I want to gift parents something that they will remember forever.

All guests arrive to party, Shahbaz ignores Irfan and Salma.

Kabir and Zara wraps gifts. Zara thinks that he is thinking more nicely away from Shahbaz. Kabir says you look good in this dress. She smiles. Kabir thinks that she is forgetting her stubborn when I am near her so I have to be with her more. Salma comes there and greets Zara, she says I am happy to see Kabir here with you. Kabir says I just came to pack gifts for parents. Salma says lets go. Kabir says I am sorry Salma maa, I disrespected you, you are like my mother so your son is sorry. Salma hugs him and says I missed my son, God bless you both. Zara smiles.

In party, Kashan welcomes everyone to party. Kashan gifts them world tour, Alina gifts them sweater. Kabir and Zara comes there. Kabir brings gift. Zeenat thinks lets see what she gifts her. Aazar asks whats the gift, we are all family here. Kabir says gift is not about show off, Zara and him unwraps gifts, its their piggy bank, they break it. Zara says I always saved these coins and we did it after marriage with Kabir. Kabir says this is related to our pious deeds. Ayesha says I am so happy to get this gift. Kabir says Shahbaz made me what I am today but Ayesha was always with me, I was scared to become priest but Ayesha made me stand my ground. Zara writes ‘Happy Anniversary’ with coins, all clap. Aazar’s mother gives 15lacs check to Shahbaz and says this is a small gift. Kabir takes it and looks on. Kabir says why so much money? Phupho says Shahbaz is behind Aazar, he is having business troubles and asked Aazar to help him, we have crores but why I gave you 15lacs? you remember when we were in trouble in past and asked for your help in business but you said that you cant involve business with relationship so now we cant do it too so 15lacs will suffice. Zara says dont brag about your position at this stage. Aazar says she did a mistake and I am sorry. Kabir burns her check and says here it is. Phupho says wow priest you cant earn a penny and you burned 15lacs check? All look on.

Aazar’s mother Tabu gives 15 lacs check to Shahbaz but Kabir burns it. She says you cant earn a penny and burning this? Zara says you dont have any right to insult my husband. Tabu says he is nothing. Salma says dont forget the days when you would come for help and didnt have food for one time. Tabu says I remember those days but I made my son capable of turning our days, he is not like Kabir who doesnt do anything, they all come to Aazar for help. She says to Ayesha that you keep praising Kabir but when you are in need then he will be useless and Zara you are proud of Kabir but he doesnt earn for you. Zara says go to any poor area of this city and see how much he works, only I can ask Kabir to earn, you have no right to taunt him. Aazar asks Tabu to say sorry, she says I will never do that, to hell with this party. She turns to leave but Ruksaar stops her and says if you dont say sorry then take your cake, she takes cake and throws it at her face. She twists it on her face, all are stunned. Tabu screams. Zeenat runs to Ruksaar and pulls her back. Aazar says what insult is this? Tabu says we will remember this, Aazar takes Tabu from there. All look on.

At night, Ayesha recalls Tabu’s words that her Kabir doesnt earn anything, successful parents are those who make their kids successful too. She recalls Zara’s words and how she kept trying for Kabir to work.

Zara asks Ruksaar to say sorry to God for misbehaving with guest. Ruksaar says God I will not say anything to Tabu but when I will irritate her when I go to her house as guest. Zara laughs and tucks her in bed. Ayesha comes there and sees it. She sees Zara putting Ruksaar on bed and lying on floor herself. She recalls Zara saying that she doesnt deserve to wear good when her husband doesnt earn anything. Ayesha gets emotional recalling her sacrifice and how she kept trying to make Kabir win. Zara sees her at door and says Ammi? Ayesha comes in. Zara says you didnt sleep? Ayesha holds her hand and gives her one penny back and says you have started earning pious deeds again, you have earned our hate on this pious hate, I wont bear some outsider pointing fingers at you so I will break my relation with Tabu and her family. Zara says she said everything to put her down but her words are not a lie totally, dont you think that Kabir should handle world along with religion, he gave all his earned pennies to you people and he was so happy so think when he earns and bring gifts for you then he will get so happy, God has also said that its his job to provide food but man has to work hard for it. She makes Ayesha sit and puts her head on her lap, she says I am sorry for making you all angry but I am doing all this to make Kabir realize his duties.

Kabir recalls Tabu’s words that he is useless. Shahbaz comes there and sees him in thoughts. He tries to talk to him but Kabir says you are elder of Tabu, she was trying to put you down and you remained silent? I would have thrown her out but you remained silent, why? Shahbaz says your anger is valid, I was angry too and wanted to throw her out but I couldnt do it because she was our guest. Kabir says okay but I will be with you and I will start earning, I will give my day and night to earn, just tell me you are in financial troubles. Shahbaz thinks that thank God Zara is not here to see how easy it is to make Kabir work on world path. Shahbaz says to Kabir that what are you saying? you have chosen right path of religion so keep walking on it.

Ayesha says to Zara that what we should have done, you are doing it but I am with you now, we both will make Kabir realize his duties. Zara hugs her.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that Tabu have seen poverty but now she has money so she is taking out her grudge, this happens when you become worldly, this happens when you start earning, do you want to leave religion and become like that? if I need you then I will come to you first, you can check out bank balance, we are fine, just keep following religion. Kabir says your saying is a final verdict for me, I trust you the most, I will follow all your orders. Shahbaz says your gift was nicest to me, he leaves.

Ayesha asks Zara how we will make Kabir realize his duties? Zara says since I have started living in this outhouse, I keep managing my finances, Kabir will realize it when he is away from that palace, till he is not away from that palace with all amenities, we wont be able to make him realize, to make him start earning, we have to make away from palace. Ayesha is stunned. Zara says I know its difficult to send your son away but think if its important to cut Kabir’s roots to bring him on world side?

Scene 2
In morning, Zara and Ruksaar are on road, Ruksaar have got sprain in her foot. Zara tries to get an auto. Ruksaar sees blanket in a shop and says I want to buy new blanket, she runs to shop. Zara runs behind her. Ruksaar says I want this blanket. Zara checks blanket and finds sharia board stamp on them, she thinks that Kabir doesnt know about it, oh God.

Kabir is running on treadmill when he gets a call and says what? I am coming. He ends call.
Zara and Ruksaar comes home. Zara says I have to go now, I had to take auto because of you so I cant get another one. She sends Ruksaar with servant. Kabir comes to porch and asks Zara if she got call? Zara nods. Kabir says then come with me, its an emergency. Zara looks on and sits in his car. Ayesha sees it and smiles. She gets Zara’s message that pray that Kabir finds a new path. Ayesha thinks that when mother in law and daughter in law come on one path then son has to come on right path.

Zara looks at Kabir and thinks that we have started this journey today, one day it will bring Kabir on right path.

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