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Zara’s Nikah 27 October 2020: Update on Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 27th October 2020, Kabir recalls how things happened with Alina. Zara comes and hugs him. She holds his hand and says dont hurt yourself. Ayesha comes there and says only solution is to marry Alina then she can do anything. Zara says if we arrange her wedding then Irfan’s truth will come out. Kabir says let her study. Ayesha says I dont her to do some mistake. Kabir says we are with her, we will find a solution.

Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 27 October 2020: Zeenat shows guy’s photo to Kashan and says we can give his proposal for Alina. Once family arranges her nikah then we will tell whole city that priest lied about Alina’s marriage and then they will be trapped in our game again. Kashan says you are amazing.

Zara says to Kabir that you cant do this, marriage is Alina’s right, you have to ask her. Kabir says what? this is mother’s right, she will find a guy for her. Zara says world has changed, girls and boys work together, they can choose their life partners. Kabir says world didnt change, people changed, we follow our tradition. Zara makes him waist coat and says whats wrong in people choosing for themselves? Kabir says people are getting distracted by love marriage, its parents right so find a proposal for their children. Zara says if a girl likes someone then why cant she choose him? Kabir says you are wrong, its not a strong bond.

Ayesha thanks Zeenat for finding a proposal. Zeenat says boy is very nice, they are a good family, Alina will remain happy. Ayesha says thanks a lot, Alina’s studies are ending and now we can marry her. Kashan shows her papers and says I have given house back to Shahbaz. Zeenat says this is your house and will remain yours. Ayesha hugs them. Zeenat thinks that soon I will bring storm in their lives.

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 27 October 2020: Shahbaz says to Kabir that boy is nice, he studied in London but he follows our tradition, Kashan found a good boy but what about Alina’s nikah with Amir? Zara says I think we should wait and ask Alina too. Kabir says parents have took Alina’s decision all life. Zara says but she can give her suggestion. Kabir calls Alina. Ayesha and others come there. Kabir says if parents select a boy for you then you wont have an issue with it right? Ayesha says I am sure she wont. Zara asks her to think and answer. Alina says I accept proposal from family. She cuts Amir’s call. Kabir hugs her. Zara sees her sad face.

Kabir is finalizing Alina’s proposal. Zara prays for Alina. Kabir comes to Zara and says I checked background of guy, he is nice. Zara is in thoughts. Kabir asks what are you thinking?

Amir writes that I have given divorce to Alina. He tears paper and says I never lost to my emotions and I cant write an application today? it was a fake nikah.

Zara says its about Alina. Kabir says Alina said yes for this marriage. Zara says she didnt say yes from heart. Kabir says why you keep bringing this up? Zara says Amir saved her, he is ready to divorce her, he can play with our respect but he is a nice person. Kabir says if he was nice then he would have come and talked to me but he tried to contact Alina. Zara says fine, call Anas whose proposal has come for Alina.

Zeenat says to Samir that one nikah copy is with Alina and one with Irfan. Samir says you didnt take copy from her? you are useless.

Zara’s Nikah 27 October 2020: Zara says to Salma that Alina doesnt want to do this marriage, I didnt get a chance to give my opinion in my wedding, it was my luck that I got a husband like Kabir but this time I have called Anas in our house so Alina can decide for herself.

Alina recalls flashback how Amir said that I want to say something, I love.. your scooty. She says I wont talk to you. He says today I am getting a chance to be with a girl.. to sit on scooty. Flashback ends. Alina says does he really love me? Amir is climbing her house. He jumps in balcony. Zeenat is going to Alina’s room to get nikah’s copy. Alina sees Amir near window and asks him to go. He says I want to talk. Zeenat is opening Alina’s door but hears a noise. Alina cries and asks Amir to leave. He sadly looks at her and leaves. Alina says I am sorry Amir but I cant let you in at this hour. Zeenat knocks on door and comes inside. She says you didnt sleep till now? did you tear your and Amir’s nikah? Alina says no. Zeenat says we need it as proof when he divorces you.

Scene 2
In morning, Kabir calls Anas and invites him to their house. He ends call and tells family that Anas and family will come here. Zeenat says we will dress Alina up. Zara thinks that when Anas will come infront of Alina then she will realize her love for Amir.

Zara and Kabir are in car. Kabir says Anas is a nice guy, they will make a good pair. He drops Zara in market.

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 27 October 2020 written update: Zeenat and Ayesha are working in house. Zeenat says Zara has gone to market, we will make Alina ready. Ayesha says forget about Zara. Zeenat says Zara is taking Amir’s side as its good for her father, I dont want to say more. She leaves. Ayesha looks on.

Zara buys some bakery items. She comes out and sees Amir on road. He tries to leave. Zara says I am sorry what happened that day. Amir says its okay, I am leaving this city, bye, he leaves. Zara looks on.

Zara comes to Alina and says I met Amir today, he told me he is leaving this city forever and you are meeting Anas and his family today, its your decision now as we dont have time, take decision fast, Amir is going far away and otherside Anas is coming to see you, its your decision where you want to take your life. Alina looks on.

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