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Zara’s Nikah 30 March 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 30th March 2021, Zara is playing healing music for Shahbaz. Zara calls Kabir and tells him that Ruksaar was trapped and doesn’t want Shahbaz to become fine. Kabir says I don’t know why she is trying to stop you. Zara says we have to bring her truth out. She ends the call and tells Shahbaz to not worry, I will take care of you, you are scared of Ruksaar? She thinks to find out what happened between Ruksaar and Shahbaz that made him so scared but till then I will try to heal him with my music.

Salma is opening an old luggage box. She finds Zara’s childhood clothes. Irfan smiles and says you still have them? Salma says I wanted to gift these to Zara’s kids so I kept them with me, it’s time to play with her grandchildren. Irfan says don’t pressurize Zara and Kabir. Let them be happy right now. Salma says no, it’s my dream and I will send these clothes to her.

Zeenat scolds Amaan for getting low numbers. He tells Zara that I don’t attend online classes as Kabir told me to not use photos and videos. Kabir says I don’t agree with online classes as kids become habituated to mobiles. Zara says but this is the need for time and if parents keep an eye then they can have a useful outcomes from phones. I will help Amaan and take online classes with him. I think Kabir you can answer people contacting sharia board using audio call if you don’t want a video call. Kabir nods and Zara smiles.

Ruksaar fills her room with smoke and protects herself. She says Shahbaz won’t be able to protect himself and he will die. Nobody will know that I did that.

Kabir tells Zara that I have to go out of the city but Ruksaar can attack you. Zara says I want that, I want Ruksaar to be trapped.

Kabir is leaving but says I don’t want to leave you. Zara says don’t worry about me. He hints at her and she blushes but moves in. Kabir thinks he is giving her a kiss but she doesn’t, he gets angry so Zara kisses his cheek and he smiles, drives away. Ruksaar sees it and thinks now Zara can’t be saved.

Zeenat is looking for Amaan and doesn’t find him in the room. She recalls Ruksaar’s threat that she can hurt Amaan. She comes to Ruksaar’s room and asks where is Amaan? Ruksaar says I don’t know, I am playing with a ball. Zeenat says tell me where he is? She grabs her arm and says if anything happens to Amaan then I won’t spare you. Ruksaar says I am not lying, I don’t know where he is, let’s search. She eyes the ball and leaves with her.

Zeenat sees Amaan studying with Zara. She rushes and hugs him. Zeenat says I was worried as I couldn’t find you. Zara says I brought him to the terrace. Ruksaar thinks Zeenat won’t open her mouth because of Amaan. Zara thinks why Zeenat is so tensed? Did Ruksaar threaten her? She asks Zeenat to sit with them. Ruksaar thinks they all are here and I can do my work on Shahbaz. She leaves from there.

Ruksaar comes to Shahbaz’s room and sees the servant coming in. She says I have to send him away. She hides and calls him from an unknown number. She says we have sent you a gift in the lottery winning scheme, we are outside. He says I am coming outside the house and leaves. Ruksaar comes to Shahbaz’s room with her open and opens it. She sees Shahbaz lying in the wheelchair with his back to her. The ball is filled with the smoke, she says you will die from this smoke.

Ruksaar brings tea for Zeenat and Zara and thinks to stay here so they can’t doubt me. The servant comes running and says Shahbaz’s room is filled with smoke. They all rush there and see Shahbaz but Zara turns the wheelchair and it’s not Shahbaz but a dummy. She shows her the video of Ruksaar coming in the room and filling it with smoke. Zeenat shakes her head. Zara says she can’t change her ways. Zeenat asks where is Shahbaz? Zara glares at Ruksaar.

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