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Zara’s Nikah 9 March 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 9th March 2021, Kabir and Zara are in the car in a disguise. A black cat stops them. The man says we will search for your car with this cat. The cat goes in the car. Zara is scared of it. The car gets locked and smoke is filled automatically. Kabir says this car is a ghost. He starts praying to God and the car leaves. Kabir and Zara have a sigh of relief.

Jalali is dancing in his den. Shahbaz asks what happened? Jalali shows him the clip of Kabir and Zara entering his village.

Zara and Kabir enter Jalali’s village and there is magic everywhere. Kabir asks her to be careful. Zara falls down. Kabir says don’t worry. He helps her in getting the sprain away and asks if she is fine? Zara thinks that he does care for me, maybe I will be able to make place in his head. Kabir sees the people scared of coming out of their houses. A man stops on a scooty. Kabir greets him but he says come with me. They start going with him, a tree falls on him but nothing happens to him. Kabir takes the tree branch and follows him. The man brings them outside a gate and asks them to come inside. Zara and Kabir are scared. Zara says what if this place ghosts’ den which Hilal asked us not to go inside of. Kabir says God will protect us. Kabir turns to see Jalali and Shahbaz coming there in a car. Jalali asks who is he? Kabir says I am Aryan Khan and I am here to do business with you. Jalali says you will like to do the business with us, do you have any other mission here? Kabir looks on. Jalali laughs and says you look worried? I like that, don’t worry, we will do business with you but later. First, we want to take care of you. He shows him powder and says once you taste this opium, you will enjoy your life. Kabir looks on. Jalali says you have to taste this as you are going to sell this to us. Kabir says I really like it but I do it at night only. Jalali says don’t worry. He calls his man who is the same guy that met Kabir earlier. Jalali asks his man Janab to take care of them. Zara thinks this man is a ghost. Kabir and Zara take them from there. Shahbaz says if we doubt them then why don’t we send them off? Jalali says let’s have fun with the prey before killing it.

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