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Zara’s Nikah 14 October 2020: Update on Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 14th October 2020, Kabir comes to poor society and Imran shows him video of him giving people blankets but Kabir sees them without blankets and getting ill. Kabir says sharia board sent these people blankets then why they dont have it? Zara sees it and recalls how she asked shopkeeper how he got blankets from sharia board to sell? she threatened him and made him call Kabir and come to poor society, flashback ends. Kabir asks poor people where are their blankets? One man says we sold it for 200. Kabir says its of 800 rs. Kabir sees those blankets being sold for 400, poor man says we cant do anything, we are helpless infront of poverty. He takes Kabir to his house and says look at my kids, they are hungry, I can even sell my kidney for them, my money from sharia board is gone and I am aged to even work, he cries. Kabir looks on.

Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 14 October 2020: In sharia board, Zara says I want to present my proposal again. Irfan says Zara suggested that we should give daily used things like oil, ration to poor people and lessen price for blankets and clothes. Kabir says government should do that. Zara says they are not getting food and selling their blankets and its our duty to help them, they are getting more poor, what will they do? start stealing? only person who have seen poverty can understand that, you can sit in AC room and talk about it but you will realize the severity when you bear it and feel it, we should do something that is related to poor lives. All look on. Zara gets message from Ayesha and messages that their plan is working. She sees Kabir in thoughts.

Kabir is in his room, he is tensed and recalls Zara’s words that they can sit in AC rooms and talk about poor. Ayesha comes there and asks what he is thinking? did you argue with Zara again? Kabir says do I know pain of world? Ayesha says no you know about religion, you lived with normal people in madarasa. Kabir says I know but I realized pain today when I saw those people, they are poor, they dont have food if they have blanket, I realized their pain today, I know very less about this world, he leaves. Ayesha calls Zara and says Kabir have realized about second path, Zara says we will be soon successful, next step is a little difficult for you. Ayesha looks on.

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 14 October 2020: Kabir comes to Ruksaar and sees her foot hurt. Ruksaar says my blanket didnt come home till now, Zara didnt buy it and then we went to poor society and then we came home. Kabir think that Zara went to blanket and poor society before we went there? He calls number again and asks if two women came around 11AM? He says yes, Kabir asks if his shop is near blanket shop? He says yes.

Kabir calls Zara and says why you made me go to poor society? He ends call and comes to outhouse. He says Shahbaz was right, you are always playing tricks after tricks, you have no other work, I didnt understand why you made someone else call me there? Zara says I got to know from blanket seller that poor people are selling clothes there but if I called you then you would think that I am doing some trick so I made some other person call you. When I went there, I realized that working for people is just not giving them blanket. Kabir says now you are saying that I dont know my work? Zara says I am just saying that you need to understand their pain, what they need most if you want to work for them, you have to live with them, live in poverty to understand their situation. Kabir says to Zara that why I have to live like poor to understand them?

Zara’s Nikah 14 October 2020: Zara says since I am in this outhouse, I realized value of single penny, I try to live my life in less money, I look at my small sum of money and think how I will spend my whole month in this amount but you know what? this is life situation which you never faced, you turned away from it. If you want to work for people then become beggar for real. You live in AC room, live a lavish life and what you do? just distribute clothes to poor? you are a namesake beggar. I know you feel their pain but you have to live their lives to understand their pain. Kabir looks on. Kabir asks what she wants? Zara says if you want to face poverty then come and live in this outhouse and see how you live a poor life, how you work with limited budget and run your life, can you do it? Kabir looks away. Zara thinks that I made him think today and tomorrow he will make the right choice. Ruksaar comes there. Zara makes her sit and says Kabir is going to live with us in this outhouse. Ruksaar says today? Kabir says some people think about things that are impossible. He says to Zara that I spent my life with poor kids in madarasa, I dont have come to your outhouse for that, he leaves. Zara says he will come and live here with us, I know where he will go next.

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