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Zara’s Nikah 2 December 2020: Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 2nd December 2020, Zara walks in ceremony with Kabir. Kabir recalls Shahbaz’s words that he is doing everything for Zara only. He sees Zara playing with kids and taking selfies with everyone. She offers him rose. Kabir thinks that nobody knows that her happiness is going to go away because of me, I am going to bring tears in her eyes. Shahbaz comes to him, Kabir says I cant do this, look at her and her happiness. Shahbaz says come with me. Azra comes to him and says let Kabir be with Zara today. She takes him away. Shahbaz thinks what if Kabir actually accepts Zara? Ayesha comes to him and asks why he is worried? Shahbaz says it feels like they are taking my son away. Ayesha says they are just kids and enjoying ceremony, it feels like you are not here, please welcome guests. Shahbaz nods and leaves.

Kabir and Zara sit on stage and receive gifts from guests. Ayesha comes to Kabir and says I pray for your happiness, you have made me so happy by reconciling with Zara, its time to take our Zara back home. Kabir sadly looks at Zara.

Ruksati (bidai) time comes. Zara hugs Irfan. Salma says how will I live without you again? Zara hugs her. Shahbaz thinks why Kabir is calm and silent? what if he actually brings Zara back? Zara hugs her cousins. Irfan starts taking her to Kabir. Zara lovingly looks at Kabir. Irfan says to Kabir that I gave you my Zara earlier too, she went from here with you but when she cameback, she was on her death bed but God gave our daughter back to us, we are giving our daughter again to you, I just want to see my daughter happy and you are her happiness, she can live without breathing but she cant without you so I plead and request you to keep her happy. She was broken once and if she feels pain like that then she will become a mess.

He takes Kabir’s hand and gives Zara’s hand in his. Kabir recalls his promise on Quran that if she came for Kausar’s case then he will never live with her under one roof, then how Zara was shot and he promised to remain away from her to keep her safe. Kabir says I have some conditions before that. Irfan says yes? Kabir says you all know we both got married earlier and we used to fight and argue a lot and our lives became hell so I want to put some conditions, I will take her home but she will have to follow my rules, will accept my thoughts, will leave her thoughts at her house, if she accepts my conditions then I will take her. Zara says this is not right time. Kabir says this is right time, if you accept these conditions then I will take you home and keep you happy. Irfan says this is between husband and wife, you shouldnt make a scene. Kabir says no, she made my life hell before and I dont want to do that mistake again, she destroyed my life and I am taking her back so you should be thankful. Shahbaz says he is right. Ayesha says I am sorry on his behalf. Kabir says enough, he shouts that his life was destroyed because of her acts, if Irfan had given her right upbringing then I wouldnt have to bear cruelty, I was harassed in that relation, she went her against husband because her father didnt give her upbringing, her father should be sorry to me, they both will promise that she will follow me from now on, she will own my thoughts, my life identity and only then I will take her home.

Zara breakdowns hearing all that. Salma asks Kabir what happened to him suddenly? you cant disrespect them like this. Kabir says your daughter made one year of my life hell and you think this is sudden? I have taken this decision after much thinking, he asks Irfan to not waste time and apologize to him on his knees. Irfan sadly looks at her daughter and takes off his turban and folds his hands infront of Kabir. Zara stops him and says why father will apologize? no, he will not. Zara says to Kabir that I always fulfilled my duties as a wife, I followed God’s order always and will always do. Zara says to Kabir that if I have to bow down my head then I will do it many times but I cant see my father getting disrespected. Kabir says it means you both wont apologize to me? fine then I dont accept this relation. All are shocked. He asks what will she do? accept this conditions? will you make your father say sorry to me? beg to me? Shahbaz thinks why Zara is not saying anything? what if she apologizes and come back to Kabir. Zeenat murmurs that she is staring at Kabir shamelessly. Kabir says I have your answer. Zara holds his hand and tries to plead with her eyes. Kabir jerks her hand away. Kabir says to Zara that I dont have much time left, what is your final decision? Zara looks at him with tears in her eyes.

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