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Zara’s Nikah 24 March 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 24th March 2021, Zara asks Zaid to play the game for her but Kabir comes there and asks Zara to not cheat. He tells the kids that they won’t get ice cream if they help her. The kids leave.

Shahbaz shows Zeenat’s wedding card to Ruksaar and says this is her destruction.

Kabir jokes with Zara, she says that I will win this game.

Shahbaz shows Zeenat her wedding card and says if you force me then I will get Kashan married to Saima, don’t you open your mouth against us. Zeenat cries and says you can’t insult me. Shahbaz tells Kashan that write Saima’s name on this card and if Zeenat tries to do anything with Saima then we will distribute it everywhere.

Zara is trying to win the game. Firdous asks Kabir if he can help her with her homework? She takes him from there. Zaid comes to Zara and says I will help you. He starts playing and makes her win. Kabir comes back so Zaid hides. Kabir asks her if she cheated? She says no.

Ruksaar stops Firdous, Firdous says Kabir is making Zara learn the bike riding, Ruksaar thinks this Zara can die like the other Zara.

Zara takes help from Zaid and calls Kabir. She tells him that she won, now he has to make her learn the bike riding.

Scene 2
Kabir shows the bike to Zara which has an additional buggy. Kabir starts the bike, Zara sits in the buggy, Zara gets scared of the traffic. Kabir laughs at her and says you will drive like this? He asks her to sit and start riding.

Ruksaar calls her man and asks him to kill Zara.

Zara sits on the bike. She sees a zar coming and gets scared. She says I can’t do this. Kabir says I am sitting in the buggy, she asks him to sit behind her. She puts a stone on the seat and says it will divide us, please sit behind me, I am scared. Kabir asks her to sit. He sits behind her. Zara starts the bike.

The man calls Ruksaar and says Kabir is on the bike too, should we kill him too? Ruksaar says no no, we will kill her some other day.

Zara is riding the bike but can’t apply brakes. Kabir throws away the stone and applies brakes. Zara is tensed. Kamran calls Kabir and says I have a guy for Zara, can he come today? Kabir says yes.

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