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Zara’s Nikah 27 January 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 27th January 2021, Zara asks Kabir why you are going away from here? Kabir says I can’t answer you about everything, I don’t care what people or you think about me, I can’t stay here. Goodbye. Shahbaz comes there and says let’s go. Kabir says I can’t go back with you. Shahbaz says I have been searching for you, I didn’t even know about you, you wouldn’t even know if I am dead or alive. Kabir hugs him and says don’t say that, I can’t stay here as I miss Zara here, I feel her everywhere here, I have to go to her soon, I pray for my death to be reunited with her. Irfan comes there and says I have seen my daughter dying, don’t say this to your father, this is the biggest burden for your father, listen to him and stay here. Kabir says okay and hugs him. The new Zara smiles. Shahbaz recalls how Ruksaar said to keep Kabir here for somedays.

Kabir comes home and sees Zeenat offering the food to Ruksaar. Ruksaar asks her to be careful about the food. Amaan asks Ruksaar if he can go out to play? Ruksaar says if you can’t come back in time then don’t leave. Shahbaz brings Kabir inside. Ruksaar thinks that it’s good he didn’t bring those cheap people with him.

Kids ask Zara if they are safe here? Zara says these people are lovely, they love me so much but I want to give you a good future and happiness. She thinks that I have to find their parents.

Ruksaar prays for Kabir and says go freshen up and we will eat together. Kabir says I will eat later. Ruksaar says we want to know where you were, I want to know all the stories. Kabir gets Zara’s call, she tells him something. He says I am coming and leaves.

Zara’s Nikah 27 January 2021: Kabir comes to Irfan’s house. Imran and Azra are there too. They come to kids and see a small girl crying. Kabir greets her and says let’s play a game? She keeps crying. Azra says we will play. Kabir says the winner will get an ice-cream. He asks a question and says we will beat all the goons if they come around you.

Kashan tells Shahbaz that we are ready for elections, we will win. Ruksaar says don’t be over-confident, if we have to win then we need youngsters and they will be with us once Kabir is with us.

The girl asks Kabir if he will save her from bad people? Kabir says all the time. Sabina comes there and greets Kabir.

Shahbaz tells Ruksaar that Kabir doesn’t want to stay here. Ruksaar says I will convince him.

Sabina meets Zara and says you are like our Zara. Salma says you are right, she is our daughter, she hugs her. Kabir says people don’t become the same if they have the same names.

Sabina tells Salma that this girl is like Zara. Kabir says her name is Zara only, she is not the same. He tells Irfan and Salma that Azra might like someone so you will need to talk to her. Azra smiles and runs away.

Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 27 January 2021: Kabir talks to Imran and says did Irfan call you for the wedding? He says yes, he wants to meet me, you will dance in my nikah right? Kabir laughs.

Zara’s Nikah 27 January 2021 update: Zara is packing her luggage. Kids question her and say you won’t tell Kabir? She says no, we have to go. They write a letter and start leaving the house but Kabir and Imran enter there. Kabir asks if she is going somewhere? She says no. Kabir talks to kids and says you can go to sleep. Arza takes them with her. Kabir tells Zara that you were running with the kids? Irfan asks what happened? Zara says I have to reunite those kids with their parents. Irfan says I will help you, I am city’s priest. Zara says till when you will help me? Kabir says we fought those goons to save them, we are worried about them too, don’t worry, we will find their parents. Salma tells Zara that you made us strangers? We love you like our daughter, Irfan hugs her and says we trust you so trust us too. Irfan says Imran come with me.

Irfan brings Imran to his room and makes him sit down.

Salma scolds Zara for leaving the house like that, she says I love you like a mother, we are talking about Azra’s wedding, how will I handle it alone? I need my daughter, she cries and leaves. Zara sits down and asks Kabir what he is looking at? Kabir says you shouldn’t run away from the people that love you.

Scene 2
Abid is in jail and tells his goons that I will handle Shahbaz’s son and that Zara. The officer comes to him and greets him.

Irfan gives the letters to Azra and says these are to be sent to kids’ parents to be careful. Salma teases her to talk to her would-be husband less.

Shahbaz calls someone and says Kabir will with me. Kabir comes there. Shahbaz says come to my rally today. Kabir says I can’t. I am not interested in politics. Shahbaz says you can’t see Imran trying to involve himself in sharia board work and he is making a relation with Azra so he wants to become the head priest of the city. Kabir says I would be happy for him. Shahbaz says only you deserve to become the head priest. Kabir says I don’t know about my life after Zara leaving me and you are asking about politics and positions? I am not interested.

Zee world Zara’s Nikah 27 January 2021: The officers come to Irfan’s house. The officer says that kids’ parents have filed a complaint that you are keeping the kids with you forcefully and they complained about Zara too. Irfan says their parents didn’t come? The officer says we jut got the complaint so we have to take custody in our hands. Zara says Abid must have done this, these kids can’t leave. The officer says you used to work with Abid? We have your finger prints so soon we will find out what crimes you have done and kids will be in our custody.

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