Zara’s Nikah 3 March 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 3rd March 2021, The dog is about the attack the kids. Kabir tries to scare him from the outside and asks Zara to open the window somehow. Zara tries to but the dog scares her. Kabir distracts the dog and Zara opens the window. Kabir offers the food to him. He opens the back door and brings the kids and Zara out. Zara says they were scared. Ruksaar and Zeenat are angry that Kabir saved them. Kabir sends the kids to the school and takes the dog away.

Shahbaz says our plan was destroyed. Ruksaar says I will shift in Kabir’s room tonight, he is my husband and he as to give me the rights.

Kabir brings the dog to the vet. The vet says that he is a dangerous dog but they take him to humans.

Zara tells the kids to be brave like Kabir. Firdous says Kabir saved your life too. Zara smiles and hugs her. Zara thinks that my heart was of Kabir and now my life debted to him also.

Kabir finds the man that sent the dog to the house and asks him who sent it.

Ruksaar is shifting to Kabir’s room but Kabir comes there and shouts at her, he says shame on you for sending a dangerous dog to these kids? Ruksaar says I didn’t do it. The man comes there and says she gave me the money to send the dog. Kabir says why did you bring that dog here? Ruksaar looks away. Kabir asks the man to leave, he leaves. Kabir shouts at Ruksaar and says I want to send that dog for you but I am not like you. Zara gets angry and slaps Ruksaar. Zeenat says how dare you to raise hand on her? She is about to beat her but Kabir says I am divorcing Ruksaar. All are shocked. Kabir asks Zara to record it. Kabir says Ruksaar I married you for those kids and you tried to kill them? So I am divorcing you today, I will send you away from my life after 60 days of the divorce. To hell with you. He turns to leave but Zeenat says my sister is not a toy that you can play with. I will go to court and will tell them that you are not giving the rights to Ruksaar. Kabir says you will take me to court? He plays the video of Ruksaar asking the man if that dog can bite the kids? Zeenat is shocked. Kabir says I can go to court against her but tell her to stay away from my kids otherwise I will not spare her. Zeenat is speechless. Kabir leaves from there.

Kabir drinks water and tells Zara that I am trying to control my anger. This girl has destroyed my life, I tried to forgive her all the time, I should have divorced her way back.

Zeenat tells Ruksaar that I am worried for you, what was Kabir saying? Ruksaar says don’t worry, Shahbaz got me married to Kabir so he will protect me. He wouldn’t want his daughter in law to be divorced. Shahbaz says don’t cry Zeenat, I will not let kabir divorce her. He cuts his plaster and says enough, it’s time to have a war with Kabir and his people, he leaves. Zeenat cries. Ruksaar says don’t cry, I am not that weak, I have 60 days to stop this divorce.

Irfan tells Kabir that divorcing is not good but God knows your reason. They see people coming inside and scream that Zara is a thief. All are shocked. Shahbaz comes there and smirks at them.

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