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Zara’s Nikah 6 January 2021: Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 6th January 2021, Ayesha tells Kabir that priest is coming so I cant go to Mumbai with you, Kabir says but others are here. Ayesha says I dont want to insult him, Kashan says Kabir can take someone else with him. Ayesha says I want someone who can take care of Kabir so I have decided that Zara is going with you, she can take care of you. All are shocked. Shahbaz says what are you saying? Ayesha says Kabir will like if Zara goes with him. Shahbaz says some stranger doesnt need to go with him, what is this friendship? they are not married and this is not pure. Sabina comes there and says you are alleging a friendship that brought them closer and made them understand each other, that marriage started and ended with 3 words but now they are understanding each other as friends like they couldnt as husband and wife. Zara says you are right, this is the only that we choose ourselves, if this is haram then dont know what is halal. Sabina tells Kabir that nobody said a word when your relation with Zara broke but this friendship made you understand each other and see things in new light so dont go back, she leaves. Ayesha asks Zara if she will go with Kabir? Shahbaz says you all have gone made, Zara is not going with Kabir. He leaves. Zara says I should leave, Kabir greets her, she leaves.

Kabir comes to his room and recalls Sabina’s words. He puts Salma’s recipes on table and starts packing. He calls Zara and asks if she reached home? She says yes, did you pack? He says yes. Zara thinks he can take care of himself, he doesnt need anyone, she says have a safe flight, he says yes and ends call.

Kabir offers namaz and recalls Zara’s support in competition, he prays to God to give him peace, make me choose right path.

Zeenat says to Kashan that Zara shouldnt go with Kabir, this is not right, she is a stranger now. Kashan says their friendship is pure and understanding.
Shahbaz calls Kashan and says you have to handle business. Kabir comes and says I think Zara should come with me, I dont know whats wrong with that? She understands me and I can win this competition.
Zara tells Irfan that she wants to go to Mumbai with Kabir, he helped me win fashion show, its my duty to help him win this.
Shahbaz says to Kabir that I dont agree with this. Kabir says I have tried a lot to make you understand this friendship but you dont, she is always there with me.

Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 6 January 2021: Kabir comes to Zara’s house and asks if she will come to Mumbai with him? I need my friend to help me win, I need your support, Zara says really? He nods. Kabir asks Irfan if he will allow his friend to come with him, I wont cross any line, I will take care of her, please let her come. Salma and Irfan say okay.

Kabir and Zara arrives at Mumbai. Judge welcomes her. Ayesha calls Zara and says I am happy that you went with Kabir, be happy, she ends call. Ruksaar eyes her and says I will end her life today so then Kabir and Zara will have to comeback. She enters her room as Ayesha falls down. Ayesha raises hand for help but Ruksaar just stares at her die and leaves from there. She comes out of room and says I should let her die, I didnt see her, nobody would know and they will find her dead by the time someone sees her, lets call Kabir. She calls him but his phone is off.

Salma sees water gone and tells Irfan. Suddenly lights go off too. Some extremists come there and says that you are dark world thats why you dont need light.

Shahbaz meets a priest, priest says that its not honorable to send his daughter with Kabir when they are not married anymore.

Extremist tells Irfan that its not a good example you are setting by sending your daughter with a stranger, she should be back by tonight otherwise it wont be good for you.

Kabir and Zara comes to competition venue. Host tells Kabir about new stage.

Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 6 January 2021: Irfan comes to priest and tells him that he has made extremists get arrested. He tells Shahbaz and others that you can taunt them but I have allowed Zara to go with Kabir because I trust them, I know Kabir wont let anything wrong happen to my daughter, he leaves from there.

Scene 2
Kashan comes to Ruksaar and asks where is Ayesha? He goes in his room and sees her lying on floor. He rushes to her, Ruksaar says she is not opening her eyes, Kashan calls doctor. Ruksaar acts worried. Kashan says doctor is not picking up call. Suddenly Ayesha wakes up and murmurs Kabir.. Ruksaar is stunned. Ayesha says dont call Kabir. Kashan says dont worry, let me call doctor. Ayesha sees Ruksaar and says you.. Ruksaar says I am here, I shouldnt have left you.

Kabir is tensed, Zara asks what happened? Kabir says I am missing Ayesha. Zara says lets go to hotel and call them, she will be fine. Kabir says yes, she might be sleeping right now. Zara says smile, he smiles.

Kashan brings Ayesha to hospital. Ayesha prays God make Kabir win today.

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