Zara’s Nikah 7 April 2021: Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 7th April 2021: The goon brings Kabir and others in disguise. He tells Sartaj that I couldn’t find a priest. Zara comes there so Kabir stares at her. Sartaj tells him that the professor don’t eye my bride. A goon tells him and some police officers are in the area. Sartaj says if someone tries to stop this wedding then shoot this bride. Kabir is stunned to hear that. Zara is scared. Sartaj tells Kabir you have to do your work as a witness. Kabir says let’s do it fast, you can leave me with the bride. Sartaj nods and leaves. Kabir says madam Zara are you fine? Zara is stunned to recognize Zara. Kabir says I won’t let anything wrong happen with you, are you ready for this wedding? He silently nods at her so Zara nods as Sartaj smiles. Sartaj says are you okay now? Zara says professor.. she looks in Kabir’s eyes as Sartaj brings Irfan there on the gunpoint. Sartaj says Kabir must be around with the police so I called you here to stop them. He tells Irfan that I want this nikah to be done in 10 minutes, if it doesn’t happen then shoot Zara and Irfan soon. Kabir looks on and huffs, he tells Sartaj that I am scared of the shooting. Sartaj laughs. Kabir asks for a washroom so Sartaj shows him the way. Imran starts leaving with him. Sartaj says where are you going? Imran says I want to clean myself before the nikah. The goon leaves with them. Zara nods at Irfan.

Imran tells Kabi that we don’t have a way, we have 10 minutes to save Zara and Irfan. Kabir says how will we ask for Zara’s permission? Imran says to leave it to me.

Scene 2
Imran gives the nikah papers to Zara. Sartaj says it’s in Urdu so read it to me as I don’t know. Imran reads the nikah and says it reads that Sartaj is marrying Zara. Zara reads the paper which says that Zara is marrying Kabir. Kabir says don’t think too much as he will shoot. Zara reads and writes a note on the paper asking Kabir if he is sure? don’t say yes to the marrying for me. Imran says she is asking for more wedding money Sartaj. Sartaj says just take as I am giving you. Kabir says yes I agree. Zara nods and signs on the nikah papers. Imran makes Sartaj wear the sehra. Kabir says I can’t find my ink pack to stamp the papers. Sartaj gets angry and says I will ask my goon to bring it. Kabir says I want a blue pack only. Sartaj says fine. Some people hold Sartaj’s sehra, it’s Kabir’s men. All look on.

Scene 3
Ruksaar is worried. Zeenat says you said that Sartaj will take care of Zara so why are you stressed? It’s not good for the baby. Ruksaar says my idea is saying to get Zara married to Kabir. Kabir has hidden about my baby to Kabir, Zara will marry him and then Kabir will tell her that I am his first wife and also mother of his baby. That will break Zara so nicely, she will cry for life. I want to see her cry, I want to see her love dying for Kabir. I want her in the pain of seeing me as the first wife. Zeenat says but they are fighting over music so they won’t marry.

A guy in the sehra comes in front Zara. A man asks where is the professor? The goon says Sartaj killed him. Zara is shocked.

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