Zara’s Nikah 19 July 2020: Zara’s Nikah sunday 19th update July 2020 zee world, Zara winks at Ruksar as she enters home . All are.concerned about Aisha’s disease Zeenat and Kabir are over concerned Zara winks Ruksar over her triumph of getting Kabi r away from Ruksar … ruksar is incensed .

Zara’s Nikah 19 July 2020: Zara is disillusioned as Kabir gives money of 2000/ – to Ruku rather than her for nazar utarna. Ruksar goes to a baba and gives him the cash … and looks for gifts that she would get whet she wanted . Baba favors her thatv. Zara shows up and gives another 2000/ – to baba ji and looks for favors that who so ever taken a gander at her shohar ought to get pulverized . Baba bleases her that.

Zara ruksar have confrontationzara prompts her not be after Kabir or she will meet annihilation each time simply like this

time .

Ruku insults not to brag more than one triumph .this is only the start of the game Zara counters this is just game for Ruku yet for her Kabir was her life.

Zara’s Nikah 19 July 2020: Kabir guarantees his maa how he could never disregard her .Aisha requests that he be acceptable shohar and keep Zara glad .

Zara n is perched on the bed

Kabir her dressed along these lines

He asks her what was this

Their shaadi ki raat was over long back.

Zara says they join as Biwi shohar in obvious sense .

Kabir feels that the young lady sitting on the bed was his biwi and she had haq over her shohar . Zara reference points at Kabir ..kabor draws nearer and zara embraces him firmly

Sentimental BG tune plays as ZaBir are devoured by their interests

Next.morning Zara wakes.up however is still in her lala land of the past sentimental night

She slobbers at shirtless Kabir she embraces him however she is amazed as he drives her away

She offers to assist him with putting on his kurta ..yet he decays her offer

She embraces him once more ..he says the night was.over .she should wake up now

Zara says night was finished however not their affection

Kabir says he did not.want to submit sin by denying his.biwi’s haq

He would prefer to .bite the dust than.sin.

Asks Zara to satisfy her obligations too … as Biwi

Kabir.reminds the conditions of their marriage and how he would satisfy every one of his obligations.

Zara is heart broken

She thinks she was her adoration for Kabir however he was constantly just carrying out his responsibilities ??

Where will her affection go ??

She guarantees herself her affection would without a doubt discover a way .

Next.scene shows Kabir talking about his.project with Ruksar .Zara is disapoi ted

Ruksar energetically surges off to welcome hwr school.friend and speculator .

Kabit insults Zara that she was Namehram for the visitor

She could do pardah on the off chance that she wished

Zara feels.angered by his insult

As Ruksar invites her companion … she does the troductions .. Miraj Ali

Kabir is astonished as Miraj accompanies various gifts.for Kabir .. he says this was only for the upcom ing roza

Kabir and.Miraj enthusiastically .zara looks as he consents to back his venture

Zara watcues from overhang and asks for what reason did this person appear to be so recognizable ??

Zara finds the person having uncanny likeness to Shiraj She begins having questions if Ruksar was still in connectio with Shiraj

Zara’s Nikah 19th July 2020 Ruksaar says to Kabir and Miraj that I will bring rewards. Kabir expresses gratitude toward her for serving their visitors. Kabir thinks Hamdan is so fortunate to get a life partner like Ruksaar.

Ruksaar comes to Zara in kitchen and says give me some spot, I need to make tea. Zara moves away. Ruksaar says speculator is originating from my side so tea will be from me as well, I simply trust financial specialist signs the arrangement, she says you said Kabir is your better half yet Kabir is my fixation and will be mine. Zara says Kabir is my better half and love and he is nothing for you. Ruksaar says he may be your affection yet you are not his adoration and I can wager on it. Zara frowns at him.

Age is Just a Number update sunday 12 July 2020 on zee world

Zara’s Nikah sunday 19th July 2020 update Ruksaar brings tea for Miraj and Kabir. Zara sees them from gallery and thinks God spare Kabir and his task from Ruksaar, I need his undertaking to finish yet not with awful individuals, God show me a way. Miraj says to Kabir that I am dazzled with your task and I need to put resources into that venture, we will finish the arrangement in a day or two. Kabir says thanks to him and gives him anticipate record. Miraj goes to leave however Kabir requests that worker take his endowments back. Kabir says I am unfortunately we dont take blessings from visitors coming here for first time, I trust this arrangement is concluded then we can trade endowments however till then I am heartbroken. Zara hears it and grins and says incredible my minister, say thanks to God. Miraj says we have one custom as well, we dont reclaim the blessings previously given, on the off chance that you need, I can keep these endowments in my vehicle and when we have our arrangement concluded following a day or two then you cannot disapprove of them. Kabir says OK I concur. Ruksaar says tell Nilofar in the event that she comes here next time, at that point bring her here to meet us. He says sure, he says I should leave now. Kabir embraces him, he grins at Ruksaar and takes a gander at Zara remaining on overhang and frowning at him, she leaves from that point. Zara calls Reema and says meet me in thirty minutes and bring Imran as well.

Reema and Imran meets Zara. Reema says how might you do that? Zara says Ruksaar have brought a financial specialist and says his Miraj Ali and I didnt discover him right. Imran inquires as to why? Zara thinks I cannot educate them concerning Kashmir. Zara says he was acting unusual, he was very little intrigued by venture. Imran look through him on web. Reema says he is hot, Imran frowns at her. Imran says he is city hall leader of Meerat, he appears to be rich and acceptable individual. Imran says I am coming to meet Kabir, they all leave.

zee world Zara’s Nikah update sunday 19 July 2020 Reema, Imran and Zara comes to house. Imran comes to meet Kabir, Kabir asks how far is Merat from here? Imran says not far away, Kabir says you are going there today, he gives him document and says search regarding this man, he is a speculator, he needs to put resources into our task, he gives him Miraj Ali’s record and says this document has his data, he is Ruksaar’s companion’s sibling, I need you to see whether everything is directly as written in this record, you have just two days since then we will conclude the arrangement. Imran reviews how Zara said Miraj appears to be fishy, they leave from that point. Ruksaar comes there and takes her telephone from that point which had been recording Kabir and Miraj’s discussion. She calls Miraj and sends him Kabir’s sound, he says I will deal with everything, she says how? I need to meet you. Ayaan comes there and hears her. Miraj says meet me at Good karma bistro, she leaves. Zara was taking cover behind her. She asks Ayaan where did Ruksaar? he says to Good karma bistro, she expresses gratitude toward him and leaves.

Scene 2

Zara’s Nikah update sunday 19 July 2020 Ruksaar comes to meet Miraj at bistro. They plunk down. Zara is staying there in burqa. Miraj orders lemonade. Ruksaar says I am grieved that Kabir restored your endowments.. he took a gander at Zara and says when crucial greater than little things dont matter. Ruksaar says Kabir is that way, he has clean heart. He says I have begun knowing him, Ruksaar says I need to inquire as to whether the cash you are contributing is yours or another person? He says you are talking like my old darling, she used to research that much, dont stress over cash, your work will be finished. Ruksaar says Kabir will pose every one of those inquiries, I dont care about anything, simply my work ought to be finished. Farewell, he welcomes her, she leaves. Zara hears everything. Miraj calls somebody and says cash is organized? alright get it moved from Kashmir.. indeed flying creature is close to confine now. Zara is stunned to hear it and reviews Siraj’s occurrence, she thinks what his association with Kashmir? Miraj leaves from that point, Zara tails him.

Zara follows Miraj’s vehicle, she sees him heading off to a general public. He gets down from vehicle and starts strolling. Zara tails him. A few men begins pursuing Zara and accumulates around her, they ask where are you going? do you need our assistance? he pester her, Miraj is as of now gone from that point. Zara glances around. Zara attempts to leave yet men continue halting her. Zara runs from that point and gets in vehicle. She says it is anything but a decent spot to be separated from everyone else.

Kabir is calling Zara yet observes her telephone in room. Zara comes there. Kabir says where are you coming from right now? you didnt even take your telephone. Zara says you dont realize what I saw, that financial specialist.. Kabir says no I have revealed to you we won’t talk about it, he leaves. Zara figures I will give him verification that Ruksaar is tricking him.

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