Zara’s Nikah 18 July 2020: Zara’s Nikah saturday 18th update July 2020 zee world, In morning, Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Zara inquires as to whether he will have espresso or tea? Kabir says I have just requested it, somebody will bring it. Zara opens entryway to see Ruksaar with tea remaining there, she welcomes her however Zara overlooks her. Kabir takes tea from her and says thanks to her. Ruksaar offers tea to Zara yet she disregards her and goes to washroom. Ruksaar says in the event that it gets cool, at that point I will warm it once more. Zara sees Kabir grinning at Ruksaar and blows up.

Kabir gets message from Imran that today is sixteenth birthday celebration, come to bistro with Zara. Kabir says what new show is this. Zara comes out of washroom, Kabir continues looking at her while she prepares.

zee world Zara’s Nikah on 18 July 2020 Ruksaar is visiting on PC. zeenat comes there and sees her visiting with Siraj. Zeenat is stunned and says what’s happening with you? on the off chance that Shahbaz or Zara saw it.. Ruksaar says dont stress, nothing will occur. Zara comes there, Zeenat reviews how Zara gave her final proposal that on the off chance that Rukssar did any misstep, at that point she wont save her. Zeenat attempts to close PC seeing Zara there yet Ruksaar stops her. Zara asks what you need? Ruksaar says Kabir.. Zara says Kabir resembles one that everybody needs except whom Kabir cherishes is as of now concluded, Kabir is mine genuinely and inwardly, you ought to get ready to go to Hamdan’s home, I have come to let you know.. she draws close to Ruksaar’s PC however Zeenat remains in her way so she cannot see PC. Zara says in the event that you dont know, at that point gain from your sister how to live in inlaws house as you will be setting off to your inlaws soon, you shouldnt come to wedded couple’s room whenever, next time on the off chance that you need to come in our room, at that point ask first, Zara leaves. Ruksaar chuckles taking a gander at Siraj’s profile.

Kabir is sitting with Ayesha. Zara comes there and says to Ayesha you called me? Ayesha says truly, I thought to have tea with you both, Zeenat is bringing tea, stay here. There is a seat close to Kabir, Zara doesnt stay there and sits on inverse side, Ayesha sees them frowning at one another, she figures I will see till when they will stay annoyed with one another. Zeenat brings tea, Ruksaar offers tea to Kabir., he says thanks to her and takes it. Zara frowns at them. Zeenat offers her tea, she takes it. Ruksaar sits next to Kabir. Imran messages Zara to come to bistro with Kabir for his birthday. Ruksaar messages Siraj that I need to converse with you about Zara, send me your telephone number.

Zara’s Nikah update saturday 18 July 2020 Kabir goes out. Ruksaar sees him going. Next Zara is going out. Ruksaar says would you say you are heading off to some place alone? Zara says at that point accompany me. Ruksaar says you ought to be with Kabir however he left? he left. Zara says you know where my significant other went? he went to bring bliss for his better half, you should imagine that route for Hamdan, he may bring satisfaction for you as well. She leaves. Ruksaar sees Siraj’s message with his telephone number and expresses gratitude toward him.

Zara comes to bistro and sees Kabir there as well, Kabir thinks who advised her? Zara thinks gracious he is here as well. The two of them enter bistro. Imran and Reema are sitting tight for them. Zara chances upon Kabir, the two of them share eyelock and move away. Imran welcomes them. Kabir asks Imran what garbage is this? you misled present to all of us here, he goes to leave yet Imran says pause.. atleast meet the individual who called us here. Zara goes to look.

zee world Zara’s Nikah update saturday eighteenth July 2020 Kabir asks Imran what joke is this? you called us here by lying. Imran says pause, meet the individual whose arrangement it was. Kabir and Zara looks on. Kabir scowls at Zara, Zara says it was not my arrangement, dont gaze at me, Reema called me. Reema plays sound message of Ayesha which says that Imran and Reema you are decent companions of Kabir and Zara, I have seen that this couple have some hole like there was in beginning of their marriage and mother’s heart harms at that, I need you individuals to assist them with clearing that hole between them. Imran says to Kabir that you know mother’s position, she has paradise under feet and you are harming her? Reema says to Zara that you said Ayesha resembles mother for you, you individuals ought not hurt her, overlook your issues and proceed onward. Imran says yes overlook whatever occurred, Reema says become one once more, she asks Kabir he can grin on the off chance that he needs. Zara and Kabir grins, they take a gander at one another grinning.

Zara’s Nikah 18 July 2020: Kabir and Zara are in vehicle, Zara asks what he is thinking? Kabir says Ayesha thinks about us to such an extent. Zara says moms are that way. Kabir says yes however you became like Ayesha mother then there wouldnt have been an issue. Zara says you men can never get ladies, the day Ayesha mother instructs me to become like her, I would do that.

Zara and Kabir gets back home connected at the hip, Zara places her hand in his arm. Ruksaar comes there and sees it. Kabir pulls her closer, Zara murmurs Kabir, he says nobody is here. Ruksaar comes there with desserts, Zara approaches what for? Ruksaar says Kabir’s venture date is concluded, they look on. Kabir says my venture? Ruksaar says I found an awesome speculator for your task and he is prepared to put away cash with no condition. Zara looks on. Kabir moves from Zara and is thrilled. Ruksaar grins and says this financial specialist is my companion Nilofar’s cousin. Zara says however you didnt know anything about Kabir’s undertaking then how? Kabir says yes you didnt know anything about it? Ruksaar says supposedly, it was sufficient, she says to Kabir that you have meeting with him at 6PM, go converse with him. Kabir expresses gratitude toward her lavishly and leaves. Zara asks Ruksaar what new dramatization is this? Ruksaar says I am dealing with your better half’s venture and you think its dramatization? Zara says I know very well on which venture you are taking a shot at. Ruksaar says on the off chance that you know, at that point stop it. Zara frowns at her. Ruksaar leaves.

Zara’s Nikah eighteenth July 2020 Zara is strained and says I need to stop Kabir at any rate, she reviews Ruksaar’s words about financial specialist. Zara calls Reema and says take Imran on telephone call, Reema does. Zara says to them that hear me out cautiously, I am in a tough situation, I need your help, Reema says sure, Zara says Ruksaar is catching Kabir with some speculator, Kabir is going to meet him at 6PM, I need you both to stop him. Reema and Imran says dont stress, we will stop him, Zara closes call and reviews how Kabir requested that her stay from his task, he wont bear it any longer. She says I am not doing anything incorrectly? I am not halting Kabir’s task yet sparing it from Ruksaar, dont realize what she is upto.

Zara comes to Kabir who is occupied in understanding documents. Zara says Kabir? he asks what was the deal? Zara says she is definitely not a pleasant young lady.. Ruksaar. Kabir says why? since she doesnt need to work outside? or on the other hand she needs to deal with her husban

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