Zee world: Mehek update Sunday 17 January 2021


Mehek 17 January 2021: Sajita goes to Mahek’s side. Swati says ma I am not feeling well. Please get me tea. Sajita takes her downstairs.
Mahek and shaurya come to the party. Shaurya says let me meet my friends. He comes to a corner and says keep everything special. Shaurya sits at the bar and drinks. The girls tease Mahek. They say what is this boxer doing here. Mahek goes out. she sits in an auto. Shaurya comes and says what are you doing. Mahek says i want to go. I didn’t say I will stay here. He says I want to spend time with you. She says I don’t wanna spend time at such a place. He caresses her face and says they are jealous of you. Focus on me. mahek says i dont’ wanna be here. He says but I love you. You are my Mahek. The one who wears the dress I ask her to. The one who gets nervous. The question is do you like me? ever see from my eyes how perfect are you. He comes close to her. Mahek runs.

Coach says where is Mahek? He goes towards her room. He sees the pillows. Sajita says where is Mahek? Shaurya takes Mahek back to the party. He comes close to her and dances with her. Shaurya sees flashbacks. He says I love you Mahek. Mahek goes out. She doesn’t feel good. Mahek says what is all this happening. When did I think this.
Sajita says are you crazy. Coach says Swati at least you are responsible. Swati says Shaurya’s not a bad boy. and mahek is responsible now. Sajita says even if he is nice she shouldn’t have lied. How can she go like this.
Coach calls Mahek. Shaurya’s thugs call him and say we are coming in 5 minutes. Some thugs come and kidnap mahek. They put her on the car. Mahek screams. Coach hears. Sajita says what happened to Mahek?
Shaurya says I didn’t ask them to take Mahek. The thugs hit Mahek on head and she faints. Shaurya friends come and say sorry we are late.

SAjita says where is Mahek? Swati says in nightclub. Please don’t worry ma. Sajita says i don’t trust that shaurya at all. If anything happens to her you will be responsible.
Shaurya sits in his car and looks for Mahek. The thugs touch mahek. Shaurya sees them. They are drinking. Shaurya stops his car in front of theirs. He says let the girl go. He says she is our night party. We wont let her go.
Coach comes to party. The guards don’t let him in. He shoves them and goes in. Guard says you can’t go in. Coach sees mahek’s phone outside. Coach calls Swati and says I am going to police station.
The thugs surround Shaurya. He sees fainted Mahek. One of them touches her wrongly. Shaurya picks a hockey and starts beating them. The other thugs put out gun and says I will shoot you. All the thugs stop Shauyra. Mahek opens eyes. She sees Shaurya fighting them for her. She screams shaurya.. She hits the thug next to her. He shoots.

The thugs hit Shaurya. Mahek sees flashback. She shoves the thug. He shoots.
Swati says to inspector please write report. He says she must be drunk while partying. She will come when she is fine. Swati calls Khurana. Inspector says sorry we will take an action.
Mahek hits the thugs. Police comes and arrests them. Coach comes. He takes Mahek with him. Mahek says I can’t leave him alone. he isn’t well. Coach takes her.
Shaurya comes her. Sweeti says now he is doing dangal on raods. Rashmi says what did you do shaurya. Dadi calls doctor.

Sajita says Mahek you knew you we wrong. Look at the dress you are wearing. You have no shame. What if something happened to you. Mahek hugs her and says I am sorry. She says shaurya helped me. Coach says you were in that trouble because of him. Sajita says you will never talk to him again. Coach says decide today that me or shaurya. Mahek says what are you saying. You are my guur. He says if you want shaurya I will leave this house. She says you. He says shauyra shouldn’t be seen near you.
Rashmi asks Shaurya who is that girl? I know you are doing something wrong and your dad is asking you to do it. I know you wont do anything wrong. Promise me you wont hurt anyone. Yuvraj comes and says don’t annoy him. Bring him haldi and milk. Shaurya tells yuvraj what happened. He says what if something happened to her? Yuvraj says don’t worry about her. He says women are slipper of your foot.
Shaurya recalls what rashmi said. Shaurya recalls his moments with her.

Scene 2
Next day, mahek comes to college. She does coaching practice. shaurya says mahek listen.. She ignores him. Coach says you shouldn’t be seen near her anymore. Shaurya says mahek please listen. she doesn’t respond. he says mahek please say something. She continues her practice. Shaurya leaves.
Mahek sees Shaurya says no matter what world says I trust you. I know you wont hurt me ever. He says I wont. Mahek hugs him. He says go before coach comes. Mahek kisses his cheek. He is shocked. Shaurya says coach is coming. He hides. Mahek leaves.
Shaurya does boxing practice. He recalls what mahek said. He recalls what rashmi and yuvraj said. He says what is happening to me. What am I thinking. I have to seek revenge.


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