Zee World Ring of Fire October 2020 Teasers


Coming On Ring of Fire October Teasers 2020, After regaining consciousness of his environment, Anurag calls for Ragini’s help.

  • On Zee World Ring of Fire October Teasers 2020

Episode 1

Unfortunately, by the time the family members come in, it is obvious that he cannot remember anything. Anurag is cared for by Ragini at the hospital, while Srishti plans her leave from Vishu’s house since she already exonerated herself from the allegations levelled against her.

Episode 2

Anurag cannot remember anything, not even his marriage to his wife. As a result, he begins to ask plenty of questions. His mother, in her hatred for Srishti, decides to bring a sage into the house. The sage proclaims that Vishu will only know peace when he detaches himself from his wife Srishti. The Forever Yours Starlife full story is unbelievable!

Episode 3

To Ragini’s surprise, Anurag becomes aware of who he is and what he does. This, however, does not stop his construction company from losing the contract with some contractors. At the same time, the plan to separate Vishu and Shriti is unsuccessful and this saddens Vishu’s mother.

Episode 4

To give Anurag all the care he needs to get better, Srishti decides to settle the feud between herself and Raveti. Also, Anurag’s condition seems to be getting worse when he falls in an attempt to get up by himself. In the process, his mother uses this opportunity to point accusing fingers at his wife, Ragini.

Episode 5

Anurag demands an explanation from Srishti as to why the entire family hates her. In response, she tells him that the only thing wrong is the mother not being so friendly with her daughters-in-law.

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