Zee world: Ring of Fire update Saturday 16 January 2021


Ring of Fire 16 January 2021: Daadi walks to Baiju and apologizes on Shristi’s behalf, says Shristi was very lively, but after Vishu left, she became groggy. Baiju says Shristi is right, being a son and considering is different. At Vikral’s house, Abhimanyu applying face pack chats with his mother over phone and asks to get ready for dhamaal in his wedding. Anurag walks into Ragini’s room wearing sari as parlor girl and touches her. She realizes it is him. He says she cannot forget his touch, how will she forget him. He tries to kiss her. She pushes him and shouts how dare he is to touch here, opens door and scolds guards. Vikral walks in and slaps guards. He asks Ragini not to be so leniant. Ragini says now Anurag will see her engaged in 2 hours. Vikral warns guards too not let Anurag go.

Anurag continues his drama and asks guards if he can get some fresh air and water at least. Guard gives him juice and asks to do whatever he wants here itself.

Baiju teaches defense mechanism to Dulari, Divya and others. Shristi notices him and leaves. Daadi calls her to come and learn as she is at risk most. Revathi also says same. Baiju reaches different types of attack.

Anurag acts as feeling dizzy, but guards don’t let him out. Parag brings food to guards. They eat and fall asleep. He takes Anurag out.

Baiju flirts with Shristi and provokes her, touches her passing lewd comments. Shristi trashes him brtually. He asks to stop, he is hurt.

Baiju teaches defense mechanism to Baiju. Shrsiti beats him with his shoes. He says he was teaching her. Brij asks if he is hurt. He says he is, Shristi is very strong and should start a gang. He sees his shoes torn and walks holding it and writhing in pain. Daadi holds him. Shristi smiles. Baiju says his plan was successful, madamji is smiling.

Parag gives sleeping pills to guards and falls them asleep. He keeps pillows on Anurag’s bed. Vikral passes by. Parag hides and shakes guards’ hands when Vikral asks if everything is under control. Anurag returns. Parag says now rush and kidnap Ragini. Anurag says they will kidnap Abhimanyu instead in dark. Parag asks ho will he in dark. Anurag shows broach with radium and asks to fix it in Abhimanyu’s sherwani, he will kidnap Abhimanyu in dark. Parag likes his dead.

Shirsiti is busy reading when Daadi comes to her applies kajal on her to ward off nazar. Shristi asks who will bad eye on her. Daadi says she was smiling when Vishu was alive and even after he, she should continue. She says Baiju shoe hits for her smile, he is not a bad man.

Ragini gets ready for her engagemnet and looking at Anurag’s gifted ring reminisces the incident. Shetries to break it. Ammaji holds her hand. Ammaji reminds her that she loves Anurag even now. Ragini reminisces Anurag flirting with Sanginiand injures her ring finger. Ammaji gets worried for her. Ragini says let us go out now. Abhimany gets ready in sherwani and clicks selfie with Virkal. Parag enters and gifts him radium filled broach, says he is looking like a prince.

Shristi gets new shoes for Baiju. Baiji says it is very comfortable and thanks her. Shristi walks into kitchen next.

Vikral takes Ragini out saying muhurath is nearing. Anurag peeping from behind pillar. Ragini notices her. Vikral says it is her imagination. Vikral searches anurag. Anurag hides and runs back to his room and acts as sleeping. Vikral shows him to Ragini and says he mixed medicine in his juice, if she is happy now, let us go as Abhimanyu is waiting for her. Ragini thinks she was imagining Anurag.


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