Zee world: Twist of Fate update Monday 15 February 2021


Twist of Fate 15 February 2021: Aaliya thinks Pragya will not get any job in any company now, and calls her. She says you are spice of my life, I thought you will not come back to work, and says you knows how to control people. Pragya says if I would have known how to control people then I would have controlled you. She says I know you have stolen that CD and reminds of the slap. Aaliya laughs and says she can do work of kicking her out. She says only Abhi’s pic will be with her, as she will not get him. She says Tanu will be with Abhi at the concerts. Pragya says if I am in his destiny then you can’t stop us from uniting. Aaliya asks him to dream until she wants to, and says bye. She thinks Pragya is still egoistic. She calls Abhi and asks him to come after sometime to office, thinks Pragya would get insulted before he comes. Abhi tells Purab that Aaliya asks him to come after sometime as Sethi didn’t come. Abhi tells him that they shall think a good idea to teach a lesson to Pragya, and says it is good that Mr. Sethi is not there. Aaliya asks Saira, why didn’t he come till now. Saira says Varun will come.

Varun comes. Pragya asks do you have an appointment. Varun says you can lose your job for stopping me, and says I will check your appointment. Saira comes and says greets him. She says he is Varun Sethi, Mr. Sethi’s younger brother. Pragya apologizes. Varun says if she does this mistake again, then she can find job elsewhere. Aaliya looks on from hideout.

Sarla calls Pragya and asks if everything is fine. Pragya says yes, just now I came to office. Sarla says I am not feeling good. Pragya asks her to take rest till she comes. Purab goes to washroom….Abhi calls office. Pragya picks the call and says Pragya Arora here. Abhi asks if Nikita didn’t come. Pragya says 1 sec, and takes call again. Abhi asks her to get coffee ready for him. Pragya asks shall I order something else too. Abhi thinks she is not getting tortured. Purab calls Pragya and thinks why she is not picking call. Saira asks Pragya to give file to Varun. Purab comes back. Abhi asks if he is done, and says it will be fun to torture her. Pragya comes to cabin and says you asked to bring this file. Varun asks her to read it. Pragya says it is not my job to read it. Varun argues with her and asks her to sit down and read. Pragya starts reading and says I didn’t know that you are Sethi’s brother, and apologizes. Varun goes near her, and asks her to relax. He holds her shoulder. Pragya asks him to leave her. Varun asks him to co- operate. Pragya asks him to leave her. Saira knocks on the door as planned and come inside with office employees. Varun acts and asks how dare you touch me. Pragya says he is lying.

Varun asks who have hired her. Abhi and Purab also come there. Varun tells everything that she touched him everywhere and asked for promotion and offered to compromise. Abhi is shocked. Aaliya apologizes to Varun and acts, thinks it is good that Abhi heard everything. She tells that you was forcing yourself on him and says we have seen with our eyes. Saira also gives statement as per planned. Aaliya says everyone is eye witness, and can tell that her bad character is shown which is hidden behind the glasses. Pragya says I am telling truth. Aaliya asks if Varun turned himself down seeing people coming. Pragya says yes. Aaliya says you are ready to do everything for promotion, but not accepting your crime. She says you are caught today and says I feel ashamed seeing girls, and using laws against guys. Abhi hears her silently. Aaliya says I will not punished you, but you teach you a lesson so that you will never do this. Pragya says you all are together and trying to trap me. She says somebody should trust me and looks at Abhi. Aaliya says what do you think that Bhai will save you, as you are his fan. She says you always sees dream, but don’t look at yourself in the mirror. She praises Varun.

Saira tells Aaliya that Pragya talked to Varun rudely and when I asked her to apologize. She refuses and talked arrogantly. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya says oh god, so much plotting. She tells that she is getting angry, and tells Abhi that she can’t bear his insult, as her name shouldn’t be called as his fan. She says we have to show her place to her, else she will take your advantage. She says I can’t bear if any girl takes advantage of your goodness, asks him to kick her out of office so that she couldn’t do this again. She says don’t you whatever you have done with whom before. Pragya asks her not to call her characterless when she is herself a characterless woman. Aaliya raises her hand to slap her, but Abhi holds her hand stopping her.


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