Zee World: Zara’s Nikah update Thursday 15 April 2021


Zara’s Nikah 15 April 2021: Zara is tensed. Salma tells her to show her emotions, cry, and become lighter. Irfan says she is right. Zara looks at them worried for her and says I know you are worried for me that I might lose hope from life again but trust me this won’t happen this time. I am worried that you have to bear so much pain for me. Imran comes there and says everyone is hurt, you and Kabir both. Why God is doing this with you both? You are here and Kabir is there trying to collect the ashes of your clothes with his hands.. Zara says he burned his hand? He nods and Zara runs from there.

Zara comes to Kabir and sees him holding the ashes. Kabir says it’s love and it won’t go away. I don’t agree that you don’t love me, you came running to me. Zara says I am just fulfilling my duty as a wife, I am not crying for you. As a wife I will do bandage of your hands, she leaves from there. Kabir is stunned. Salma comes there and says your pain will go away but the wound you have given to Zara won’t go away, you have broken the relationship with us when you joined with Ruksaar. Salma and Irfan leave. Kabir tells Imran to take care of them. Imran says you should talk to Zara, she should cry as otherwise, she can become hopeless again. Try to make her angry.

Sartaj calls Ruksaar and says I have lost my business and had to spend money on kidnapping Zara. I want money, come and talk to me. Ruksaar says but.. Sartaj says if you don’t come to meet me then I won’t spare you, he ends the call.

Zara puts a blindfold on her eyes. Kabir says you will apply bandage like this? Zara says I can’ control my love right now, if I don’t see your wound and pain then I will cry. God puts love in our hearts and then gives us pain. She asks him to give his hands to her. Kabir thinks that she will try to control her tears if she touches my wound, I can’t let her feel my wounds. He makes her apply the balm on the fine hand where the wound is not present. Narazigi teri plays. Kabir thinks I will make Zara cry but not with a wound, with love.

Scene 2
Ruksaar comes to Irfan and Salma and asks them to leave. Salma says if you misbehave with us then we will beat you, we are here to save Zara from you evil. You are nothing in front of my Zara. Zeenat comes there and asks Ruksaar to not argue with them, they will provoke you so they can complain to Kabir. Zeenat says they can stay in the guest house. Salma says we will stay right here.

Kabir and Zara are sleeping in the same bed but turned away from each other. Kabir thinks that I will bring the truth out to Zara but I want her love and trust, not just duty… later that night Zara worries for Kabir’s wound and thinks to check it. She sees Kabir sleeping and takes his bandaged hand. She finds her wound and thinks that he didn’t let me feel it, his hands are burned. She sees that she applied the balm on the wrong hand. She cries silently and applies ointment to his wounds. Kabir wakes up and sees her crying. He pretends to sleep and Zara weeps to see his wounds. She bandages his wound and goes to sleep. Kabir thinks that I thank God to make her cry. I will start working on my relationship from tomorrow.

Scene 3
In the morning, Ruksaar thinks Zara brought her tea and says come in 2nd wife. Kabir comes inside and shows her a bottle. He says I talked to the caterer and asked him what he mixed in the food but he pleaded and said he didn’t mix anything. Then he told me that some man came and asked him to put pink salt only in the food. Ruksaar says I didn’t do anything. Kabir says I tested that pink salt and it was what made everyone ill, you wanted your pregnancy news to come out to Zara, you made me promise to not tell the truth to Zara but you played a good game. You know this baby is not mine but you threatened this baby’s life if I told the truth to Zara, I don’t even know who the father is but I won’t stay silent anymore. I will find it’s real father in 4 days and bring the truth out. Ruksaar thinks he will never reach my baby’s father ever.


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