Zee world: Zara’s Nikah update Tuesday 13 April 2021


Zara’s Nikah 13 April 2021: Zara is in the car and recalls all the times he took Ruksaar’s side. She thinks why I lose my happiness every time?

Kabir thinks I wish I could tell the truth to Zara. The flashback shows how Kabir finalized his divorce with Ruksaar. Then she told him that she is pregnant. Ruksaar says we can’t finalize the divorce because of this baby. Kabir says don’t tell me the law, we didn’t have any physical relationship, whose baby is this? Ruksaar looks on and says I saw love in someone else. Kabir says you didn’t tell me because it’s a sin. Ruksaar says he is very dangerous, he will kill me. Kabir says get lost from this house. Zeenat begs him to not do it, she is pregnant and it will be a trouble for our family. Kabir says I am not listening to this time, she is not staying here at this time. Ruksaar says I will kill this baby then. Kabir says don’t threaten me. Then how Ruksaar went to the hospital to kill the baby and he had to stop it. Zeenat then told Kabir that Ruksaar will stay here and will not kill this baby if you give this baby your name and keep Ruksaar here. Kabir says I can’t let an innocent baby die. Ruksaar asked me to promise in Quran that he will not tell this secret to anyone. He promised in Quran that I am doing this for humanity and will give my name to this baby. The flashback ends.

Irfan asks Zara if she wants to go home? Zara says no, after the wedding, in-laws house is my house and I can’t run away from the truth. Kabir and Zara both arrive at the house. Kabir is surprised to see her and goes to her. Dua plays as he tries to hold her hand but she moves away. She says you know why our love never succeeded? Because you take duty above love, you used to hate me initially but it was your duty, today you fulfilled your duty with Ruksaar but made your love lose. You defeated your love today. Kabir is hurt to hear that.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara enter the house to see celebrations going on and a palanquin. Zara says what is all this? Kabir asks them to stop all this, who called you here? Ruksaar comes there and says I called them. Kabir is stunned and says this is a joke? What are you doing here? Ruksaar says you care for me so much, the doctor wanted me to stay there but I wanted to welcome Zara here. Irfan says what is this? Ruksaar says I got to know that there is a ritual where the first wife takes the second wife in the palanquin to her room. Kabir asks her to stop this drama. Irfan tells Zara that see this? Do you want to stay in this house where you will be insulted daily? Ruksaar was the second wife before and we didn’t do this palanquin ritual.

Zeenat says Kabir didn’t want that wedding but this time Zara is his choice and they won’t break this marriage. Kabir gets angry and is about to break the palanquin but Zara stops him and says if this is a ritual then wife no. 2 will do it. Salma says you don’t have to get insulted. Zara says if someone who said to love me, who said to give me all the happiness insulted me so much then what’s left there? He made me wife no. 2 even knowing that I can’t share him. I will bear his insults like I took his love. She sits in the palanquin. Kabir asks her to come out and says don’t become part of Ruksaar’s drama. Zara says play the song. Ruksaar says the groom and his friend will take the bride to her room. Kabir says I am not doing it at any cost. Zara says you have me a second wife so do your duty. We will do this ritual and I won’t come out of this palanquin till it doesn’t go to my room. Zara is angry.


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